Atlas Platform

The democratization brought by blockchain technology is proving an essential factor in our economic advancement. However, with the approval of blockchain technology looming, some ventures have found a better tactic to help even the most novel of users to relate blockchain to the world around them.

Atlas is a promising startup looking to boost the equal access and adoption of blockchain through the intersection of more familiar technology. Here's how the upcoming project is set to fuel a curated platform that replicates decentralization for the delivery and adoption of their advanced blockchain solution

What Is Atlas?

Atlas is a blockchain platform looking to create a path for blockchain novices and enthusiast to smoothly transition to the use of blockchain technology through intuitive tools and technology. Under the blockchain development platform, Atlas provides a powerful and flexible solution that is designed to form solutions that meet the individual needs in decentralized and straightforward tools.

The tools would then facilitate real-world services such as financials, businesses, and other processes. In essence, Atlas is looking to disrupt how users interact on the blockchain platform while also facilitating a complete infrastructure for cryptocurrency beginners, investors, traders, and developers.

Atlas Platform Blockchain Development Program Features

Email Assistant

The @las service is a personal crypto email assistant that will assist users to send, receive, check and confirm their crypto funds. All this will be possible directly from the email.


The Atlas Platform Token (ATPL) acts as the fuel for the ecosystem allowing for the discovery and access of services and other advanced capabilities.

Side Chains

Atlas offers the capability to create other side blockchains which are fully customizable to meet the user's particular case. The element will still be secured on the main ATLAS chain.

Smart Contracts

With smart contracts forming the core of blockchain adoption, ATLAS provides a portal to the process accessible. Users get pre-filled templates, deployment options, and interfaces to help them is establishing smart contracts

Decentralized Exchange

The DecentraX is ATLAS' decentralized exchange that will facilitate transactions while allowing users to engage in leveraged trading.

Framework Foundation

ATLAS is built on a combination of .NET, C#, and STRATIS to facilitate the implementation of cryptocurrency

Atlas Platform Benefits

  • Simple interface for the issuance and deployment of smart contracts
  • The email assistant provides a secure way to manage data and information on transactions.
  • ATLAS' side chains are a significant gain especially when it comes to establishing a task-specific orientation
  • Decentralization provides users with the adequate freedom under the independent structure
  • As a Proof of Stake token, ATLAS consensus model provides for the staking of existing funds

Atlas Platform ATPL Token ICO Details


  • 12 MAY 2018 – 15 JUN 2018


  • SOFT CAP- 250,000 USD
  • HARD CAP- 10,000,000 USD
  • TOTAL TOKENS- 100,000,000

Atlas Platform Conclusion

ATLAS is looking to improve the emerging blockchain scene by delivering less-than-technical solutions that enable easier adoption. Overall, ATLAS indicates a somewhat legitimate and focused project, mainly since it incorporates the necessary participants. Ultimately, the project could get more attention towards its unique solution and gain traction. All-in-all, ATLAS is an exciting venture and is undoubtedly one to keep an eye on in the future.

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