Are you looking for an investment which can really make you profit? The cryptocurrency market is huge right now and it can be very profitable if you how to pick the best investments from the crowd. Do you know the secret to invest well? Not being afraid to learn more and more about the market so you can really understand it very well.

If you can really understand the market, you can also be sure that you will achieve a great profit and that you will not make a bad investment. It is to help investors like you that we have created this blog. Today, we are going to review Atlas, a new blockchain company in which you will be able to invest soon.

What is Atlas WORK?

Atlas describes itself as the future of global freelancing. This company plans to use the blockchain technology to create a decentralized ecosystem to revolutionize the freelancing industry and make it better and more adequate than it is today.

The ideas that the company has includes making transactions via cryptocurrencies, ranking systems which rate both the freelancers and the people who employ them and other tools which might change how people engage online when they are looking for job offers or freelancers.

The company believes that cryptocurrencies are better to be used in this industry because they make the transactions public and more transparent, have fewer costs and intermediaries and you can build an ecosystem around them.

The platform is currently in its Beta 1.0 version, but you can expect updates in the near future if the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of the company is successful.

How Does Atlas Work?

Sure, Atlas promises that it will revolutionize the freelancing market, but how will this company do this exactly? The company believes that enabling the users to use multiple cryptocurrencies they will be able to have more secure means to receive their payments. Also, the ranking system will create an incentive for the jobs to be really good from both parts, the freelancer and the employer.

Atlas will also have a decentralized arbitration system. This means that there will be a team of people to contribute to the platform and act as moderators which will not be necessarily part of the company, but will be part of the community. They will solve disputes and help the system to be fairer.

The platform will also use data-analysis to understand better the needs of the market and be able to provide career guidance and virtual assistant for the users of the platform.

The cryptocurrency used in the company, the WORK coin, will have a 0% fee.

How to Invest in Atlas?

To invest in this company, you will have to buy its WORK coins. The ICO will begin on February 15 and it will last about a month, so you still have some time to prepare yourself before you have to make this investment.

At the moment, the company has not officially declared the price per WORK token, but this information will probably be updated in the near future. You will be able to invest in this company using Bitcoin, Ethereum and other popular cryptocurrencies that you can find on the market.

The Atlas WORK ICO Verdict

Is this company the right investment for you? Maybe it can be, but you have to look at the positive and negative points first. The positive ones are that the company does seem to have some experience and a good business plan, which is important for success. The negative point is that the company does lack originality.

There are many freelancing platforms which are very alike this one, so this company can seem somewhat generic compared to them. Even in the blockchain market, some other companies like this one exists.

If you really liked this company, go for it. There are no reasons not to invest in this company but be aware that some more interesting investments for you might exist. Atlas is not a bad company, anyway, so it can be a profitable investment for you if you are looking to invest in it.

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