Atomic Network

Blockchain technology is making big news majorly thanks to the rise of cryptocurrency and especially Bitcoin. However, the innovation is surging past cryptocurrency into more sectors and media is a significant beneficiary.

For those who are unaware blockchain technology offers a decentralized structure that could create a tamper-proof digital media marketplace. Additionally, distributing content over blockchain assures the transparency and authenticity of the content transactions provides remedies for the challenges that face media distribution, and internet streaming services.

We can see that blockchain technology is more than just cryptocurrency and as we will get to see, ventures are utilizing the technology to deploy it at a large scale within the media industry. Here's one investment that could make the difference in how we possess and share our media content and streaming services.

What Is Atomic Network?

Atomic Network is a community-based network of digital media players that will incorporate the use of cryptocurrency to unleash disruptive TV streaming and entertainment experiences. The blockchain network will work through their currency, Atomic Network tokens (ATOMIC) to allow users to earn, share or stream TV shows and movies. Additionally, Atomic Network will allow for the toke use in purchasing merchandise, with some of the proceeds going to the content producers and stars.

Atomic Network Blockchain Tech TV Entertainment Basics

The Atomic Network will incorporate the token, an e-wallet and smart contracts form blockchain technology to improve the production and distribution of the TV content at relatively reduced costs. The mode of operations will have the user use the Atomic token as a voting power to decide on what material is best for them. Such a capability will provide the user with the ability to determine the plot directions, test screenings and tip their favorite content producers or actors. Consequently, the technology will create a possible bridge for a more robust relationship between the viewers, content producers, and the stars.

Atomic Network Benefits

Peer-To-Peer Capabilities-

The Atomic Network and tokens allows for a distributed structure for content producers to exchange their digital assets with their viewers


The use of blockchain technology for content distribution fosters an efficient and real-time model that will operate at a fraction of our current system.


Atomic token holders can unlock exclusive interactive experience, vote on production decisions and get to prioritize their favorite series and shows. Additionally, they get to give feedback and review content

Earning Opportunities-

Apart from spending the tokens on viewing content, users also get the reward for contributing to the Atomic Network, weekly token prizes and bonus content for membership options

Stellar Content-

Atomic Network subscribers will get the chance to view Hollywood-proven series and shows from the extensive library present within the platform. The material will include sci-fi, comedy, drama, adventure and many more interesting genres.

Atomic Network ATOMIC Token ICO Details

  • Pre-ICO Dates: 3-27-18 to 5-25-18
  • Main-ICO Dates: 5-26-18 to 6-24-18
  • Accepted Payment: Ethereum

Allocation Of Funds

  • 20% distributed to community in Pre-Sale
  • 30% in Public Sale
  • 20% to Atomic team, advisors, early backers
  • 30% held in reserve
  • All unsold tokens will be burnt

Atomic Network Conclusion

The tactics through which we consume our media content still have a long way to go and may need a complete overhaul. The concept with Atomic Network could remedy the existing challenges through its transparent and straightforward digital media sharing network that will compensate producers based on the consumer's viewership of their content. However, while it may seem disruptive, the Atomic Network project present risks as most of the project are yet to pick up, with little endorsement form the blockchain community.

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