Atom is an end-to-end exchange and payment platform. The AtomPay platform allows businesses, customers, and service providers to use currency meaningfully. The platform seeks to provide a monetary support system for the Atom digital currency. However, the platform will support other currencies as well.

Atompay – Currency Distribution

AtomPay platform targets service providers and drivers in the land transportation and logistics industries. Drivers on the road hail from diverse demographic setups, making them a suitable representation of a level currency distribution. On the platform, drivers will receive 45% of Atom digital currency on a discounted basis. First, it will launch an initial free distribution of coins, which is expected to clear entry costs for potential adopters. This will enable new users to experiment and to experience the Blockchain technology on their own.

Atompay – Payments Network

In traditional payment systems, Merchant Account Services demand huge interchange charges and high fees from merchants. On the AtomPay platform, merchants who accept payments using the network will save money compared to the traditional payment system. With an evenly distributed network in daily transport services, there will be an active transaction to facilitate the ownership of Atom.

Atompay – Digital Currency Exchange

AtomPay platform seeks to implement the following:

  • Multiple channels for FIAT-dominated deposits
  • It will merge the best from both centralized and decentralized Exchanges
  • Secure user-owned and controlled cryptocurrency wallets.

The platform will operate on two main accounts: personal and business.

AtomPay – Roadmap

  • First quarter 2017: the birth of idea
  • Second – Third quarter 2017: team-building, project research, initial token offering preparations
  • Fourth quarter 2017 to First quarter 2018: Initial Coin Offering (ICO), Research and Development of Atom coin, distribution and circulation platform, currency distribution and circulation preparation
  • Third quarter 2018: Atom Proof of Stake Blockchain launch, currency distribution starts, Atom Exchange (Centralized) V1 launch.
  • Third quarter 2019: Atom decentralized Exchange and payments platform V2 launch.

Atom – Payment Solution

As far as payment goes, the Atom platform seeks to provide its users with both business and regular accounts through which they will have the opportunity to pay out and to receive funds in digital currencies or FIAT. In addition, users will be able to implement fiat-to-fiat payments between accounts, a step that will allow FIAT to convert into digital currency. The exchange will happen seamlessly between the paying account and the receiving account at a fixed exchange price.

More importantly, the users on the Atom platform will be protected from common price fluctuations. This will enable them to enjoy fast settlement times without incurring costs such as merchant account fees, high banking interchange fees, processing fees, card payment fees and others. In the end, businesses will be able to manage their inventories and sales receipts. Eventually, they will be able to extract customer sales and reports on the platform.

With the advancement of technology, both regular and business users will be able to use the Atom platform on their smart phones and on the web interface. Utilizing the blockchain technology, the Atom platform is set to revolutionize the payment system.

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