With the crypto boom that is currently being experienced all across the globe (especially in the US), it comes as no surprise that there are literally hundreds of bitcoin mining ventures that have been released into the market on a daily basis. Atriark is one such project that advertises itself as being a “cloud mining project” that can help deliver amazing profits to its customers with short turnaround times.

What Is Atriark?

Upon investigating, we could find very little data in relation to Atriark, even though its popularity has risen over the past few weeks. The founders claim that this platform is available for everyone, and allows for safe and secure mining. However, when looking at the company’s legal documents, it is clearly stated that “Atriark does not offer investment services, and neither does the service operate as a brokerage firm”. This is quite perplexing because on the one hand Atriark claims to mine bitcoin on our behalf, but in the next instant, it steers away from this very fact in its legal disclaimer.

Other Suspicious Aspects Of This Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining Pool

Large Initial Investment Required:

While other crypto investment platforms usually offer their customers with investment options as low as $10-$100. Atriark requires customers to start with a minimum of $1000.

No Market Backing:

Atriark asks for large investments from its customers, but is not backed by any large financial institution or corporation. This basically means that the risks involved with such investments are extremely high, as there is no security being offered on our money.

Lack Of Information:

Upon conducting various online checks, we could not find any pertinent background details that could link Atriark to a person or a group. Additionally, through a standard search we found that the domain is privately registered, and even the date of registration has been hidden via the use of a third party software. Thus, it is impossible to see who the owner of this entire operation is.

Misleading Information:

On the website, the company claims to have been active for over 17 years. However, this sounds suspicious as in these 17 years, there have been no major companies that have been associated with Atriark.

Other Details To Consider

No Team/Employee Details:

There is no information regarding any of the core team members who are behind this service. Even the registrant of the site claims to be based out of Seattle, whereas the company claims to have its headquarters in Missouri.

No Investment Plans:

Unlike other fraudulent ventures that at least lay out their various lending plans etc on their website, Atriark does not mention any of its investment schemes. All we know is that a minimum of $1000 needs to be sent to the company to make use of the service.

No Plan Of Action Provided:

After having gone through the entire website in detail, we could not find a single mention pertaining to data centers, or any reference to mining farms at all. For a platform that claims to be a cloud mining service, these are really basic questions that need to be addressed. In Fact, most companies almost always talk about their mining farms so as to instill a certain degree of confidence into their investors.

No Market Feedback Available:

In terms of investor feedback, there is literally next to no information that can be found regarding this service. Even on active forums such as BitcoinTalk, Reddit we could find no mention of this project. This again is a sure shot sign that something fishy is going on with Atriark.

Atriark Conclusion

After all of the data we have just provided above, it should become amply clear that this project is not to be trusted (let alone put our money into). Not only are there no records of this company’s previous history, but the fact that there is no team information given to us indicates that there is something to hide here. Thus, if users are really keen on making crypto investments, we suggest that they go to websites like BitCoin Exchange Guide and check out other feasible ventures that are not only safe,but have good long term return potential.

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