Atrox Coin

Atrox coin is a digital currency introduced in 2007. It uses Cryptographic processes which offer a guarantee on transaction processing and recordings in line with rules that have been established using automatic mathematical algorithm systems. The name Atrox comes from the Latin word Atrox Coalescerent whose meaning is extraordinary. This is a description of how users will be extraordinary in terms of their finances once they invest in the coin and be part of the platform. The creators of the coin hope to be the most trusted digital currency globally according to their mission.

Atrox Coin Offers Multiple Investment Opportunities

Atrox coin is more than a digital currency as it has an investment program that offers multiple opportunities for investment. The currency platform has a staking program where you can earn by storing or holding the Atrox coins in your wallet. It also offers a mining program that operates by the merging of special software. You can also earn through trading by utilizing the price volatility of BTC versus Atrox Coins.

The lending program on the platform offers an alternative and a safe means of earning passive income for investors. Investors can lend their coins to others for use where interest on the initial investment is earned. The interest and initial principal can be re-invested back to the lending platform so as to gain more profit. The referral program also gives a chance for users who refer others to the platform to earn. The referral earns an investor 6-8% of the purchased Atrox coins by the referred party. The income is automatically deposited to the investor’s wallet account.

Atrox Coin Lending, Mining, Staking & Trading Platform Benefits

Open source

This digital currency has a high-interest investment program and can be owned by anyone around the globe.

Peer To Peer P2P

The network used in the Atrox coin platform has a cryptography protocol. Thus, users can send the coins to others by the use of Atrox coin wallet. The transaction is recorded on the blockchain database.


The digital currency is not owned or regulated by any government or body making it open and decentralized.

Safe And secure

The digital currency is safe to use and well encrypted as it uses the blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrency Education

Atrox coin platform offers training to its users on how to get and maximize their profits.


The exchange offered by the platform allows for different forms of cryptos to be traded.

Multiple Investment Opportunities

Altrox coin is more than a digital currency as it has an investment program that offers lending, trading, staking, referral, and mining investment programs.

Atrox Coin ATR ICO Details

The ICO for Atrox coin started in October 2017, a total of 6,000,000 coins were available for purchase. The ICO period ran for 60 days, and it had active and passive offer bonuses. During this period, various users from different countries took advantage of the offer and bought the coins

Atrox coin is in the process of developing a decentralized mobile app, an Atrox coin based smart card, and it also plans to partner with other merchants all over the globe.


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