Attention Network ATTN ICO Review

There are many problems to be solved in the world. Some of them are solved by the governments and some of them are solved by individuals. Others are solved by companies.

Attention Network is a company which wants to solve a problem: the difficulty of advertising online and it wants to use the blockchain technology for this. Today we are going to review this company.

What Is Attention Network ATTN?

The Attention Network was born from the wish to use the blockchain technology and the Ethereum blockchain to create an auction system which could improve the way that advertising is made on the internet. The goals of the Attention Network are to solve the many problems that plague this industry, such as trust, accessibility and lowering fees.

With the power of the smart contracts and using its expertise, the company intends to create an environment in which all the sides will win. The Attention Network has already made some important partnerships with companies like BlockCAT, Borrowell, McAfee, HostGator and Uniblue, which will help the company to make a great start.

How Does Attention Network ATTN Work?

The company intends to use the blockchain technology and the smart contracts to ensure that everybody will have the best results while dealing on the platform. Acessibility and cheaper advertising are two of the most important pillars of the company. The idea is to reduce costs so that both sides will end up getting more money, the publisher and advertiser.

Attention Network is also concerned in creating a flexible ad policy that will be really democratic because the people on the system will be able to vote on it and these policies will be enforced via smart contracts in the most efficient way possible.

By creating a decentralized platform is also a security that you will have by using the Attention Network because there is no way to put the servers of the company down and it does not need to give any data to any government. Also, it makes the company more reliable against hackers.

The motto of the company is to reunite everybody so all the actors involved can be sure that they are doing their part on the system and that the revenue of everybody will be maximized.

One of the plans of the company is to integrate the existing ad industry into its network, not the contrary. This means that they want to make it as easy as possible for anybody to integrate their systems on the platform.

The success of the platform, Attention Network states, will be certain because it has the combination of low fees, transparency and verifiable auction systems which will help the companies to create a better environment in which everybody gains.

How to Invest in Attention Network?

To invest in the Attention Network, you have to buy ATTN tokens from the company during the crowdsale. The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) has already started and it will last about two months, ending on April 15. There was no pre-sale, the sale started on this phase one day before the report of this article.

The price per token is 1 ETH for 12,000 ATTN tokens. The soft cap is 26,000 ETH and the hard cap is 39,000 ETH. There will be a total supply of 450,000,000 ATTN tokens and 85% of them will be sold during the ICO. You cannot buy the tokens if you are from China or another country which has banned ICOs.

The Attention Network ATTN ICO Verdict

Is the Attention Network the right investment for you? If you plan to use it, yes. The company shows a lot of potential and it has a clear business plan, which is always great. It looks like the Attention Network could be a great asset for you if you are interested in using everything that this platform has to offer to you.

If you are only after a great return on investment, it is hard to say if this is the right platform. It is probably a good choice for you because the ATTN tokens will probably have a higher price in the future, but it is somewhat difficult to tell if you could not make a better investment instead.

In the end, the choice is up to you. If you liked Attention Network, then we have no arguments against investing in this company, but if you did not, you can always find another great investment on our blog.

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