Aurora Chain

What Is Aurora Chain?

Aurora Chain is a smart contract platform that plans on applying the DPOS+BFT consensus mechanism to provide for lighting speed contracts to facilitate fast-linked operations. The platform intends to give a blockchain ecosystem that would promote a high TPS structure with the added security option.

What Aurora Chain Blockchain For AI, Big Data & IoT Offers


The Delegated Proof of Stake consensus mechanism facilitates a high transaction speed and high transaction rates per second for the platform users.

P2P Network

The broadcasting network works under different nodes to allow users to have a direct connection for faster and safer user communication

Intelligent App Isolation

The verified transaction go into processing in the Pending Zone from where a smart schedule distinguishes and monitors each contract

Upgradable Blockchain

Under the LLVM compiler, the Aurora Blockchain will become expandable for the clients looking to replace old versions

Multi-Asset Launching

Process of asset offering is simplified to allow for multiple processing and capability expansion

Cluster Grouping

Transaction grouping on AURORA will give users the additional option of extra bonus, replacing mining mechanism

Multi-Chain Operation

Unlike single chain structures, Aurora's multi-chain structure allows for transaction processing on a much efficient level

What Aurora Chain Seeks To Acheive

Aurora Chain hopes its platform creation could ultimately achieve the following:

  • Incorporation of blockchain technology into industries such as gaming, financial, Big Data, IoT and AI
  • Development of perfect smart contracts for application
  • Boosting the speed of transactions
  • Solving blockchain difficulties
  • Facilitating immediate use of blockchain due to improved efficiency and practicality

Aurora Chain AOA Token Details

  • Ticker- AOA
  • Token supply- 10 billion

AOA Distribution

  • AURORA Foundation- 40%
  • Investors- 34%
  • Community- 26%

Aurora Chain Conclusion

There is little evidence as to what really AURORA Chain is trying to sell. Arguably, the whole project lacks merit and there is probability of the venture turning to become a scam.

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