Austin Petersen US Senate Candidate Talks About Cryptocurrencies

Austin Petersen, a US senator candidate has been talking about cryptocurrencies and digital assets. But it may seem surprising, because in general, these currencies are seen negatively by the majority of the media and ‘no-coiners.’

This time, the libertarian candidate has been talking about the problems of big governments and his thought about where cryptocurrencies could go in the future. He has been a journalist, model, producer and consultant. At the moment, he runs two libertarian sites known as The Libertarian Republic and Liberty Viral.

In the past, he unsuccessfully run for the Libertarian party nomination against Gary Johnson back in 2016. Now, he is currently running for a Senate seat in Missouri, and has been capturing the attention of several media outlets.

Mr. Petersen appeared in the crypto media earlier this year when he received a donation of 24 bitcoins. But due to the rules of the Federal Election Commission, he had to give back a quarter of a million dollar.

He judges the economy in a very libertarian way, mimicking the thought of the Austrian School of Economics. He is sure that America can support an economic model without having to rely on a central banking authority. Moreover, the decentralized model of the American economy would have the dollar competing with virtual currencies and the tokenization of ‘everything.’

And this is one of the reasons why he received so much money in cryptocurrencies as donations.

Moreover, he has been banned from Facebook due to the fact that he gave away an AR-15 rifle. The interesting point here is that the democratic candidate opposed to him, receive funding from Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s COO. After it, the ban has been lifted. But in another occasion he suffered the same situation when he gave away another rifle.

Additionally, he said that he is against any kind of censorship or regulation of Facebook but he commented that he would think about a decentralized social network that could effectively compete against facebook.

This is not the only candidate that is pro-cryptocurrencies. John McAfee, an important figure in the crypto space, will be running for President of the United States trying to receive support from the cryptocurrency community.

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