Belle Gibson, an Australian social media influencer who claimed to have cured her cancer with alternative nutrition diet, and sold a cookbook and an application on that pretext has been found to be lying.

According to the investigation authorities and an article from TNW, Gibson faked her cancer to attract more customers to her social media platform and accumulated almost $440,000 Australian Dollars by duping her followers.

The case has been going around for almost four years now, where she was found guilty of lying and cheating and using the collected amount for cryptocurrency trading as well as sports betting.

Gibson was handed over a fine of $410,000 by a district court back in September 2017 for duping her followers, but she has failed to pay the amount. The failure led to an investigation into her bank accounts which revealed that she has been using the money for trading cryptocurrencies and sports betting.

She faked her cancer as well as promised to pay the accumulated amount to various charities, and also help a 10-year boy with terminal cancer. However, she only donated a mere $10,000 from a total of $440,000.

Gibson's Lawyer Says She Cannot Afford Such Prolonged Court Hearings and Money for Paying various Legal Fee

After failing to pay the penalty and also refusing to appear before a judge for a long period of time, Gibson finally appeared in front of a judge this Tuesday. Her lawyer has appealed for a fast hearing as her client cannot afford to pay for the legal fee.

While Gibson defended herself in the court over the failure of paying the penalty amount, an investigation into her bank statements revealed otherwise. During the hearing, the prosecutor said,

“[The documents] reveal a great many transactions overwhelmingly in the nature of discretionary [non-essential] spending,”

Apart from that the court also noted that she has recently invoiced a trip to Africa via Singapore to her 8-year old son. She claimed that her son was the lead passenger, while she was his companion.

There is no final outcome of the case as the hearing is still going on, however, Gibson has definitely established herself as one of the most outlandish con artists in modern history that too involving cryptocurrencies.

While there have been several cases of crypto scam in the past, but nothing has been as bizarre as the current one. Usually, crypto scams involve scammers promising high returns for a technology which does not even exist, like the OneCoin scam and BitConnect. However, Gibson's crypto connection has put her quite high on the con artist charts.

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