Bitcoin Exchange Guide Authors, Editors & Publishers Team

Bitcoin Exchange Guide Authors, Editors & Publishers Team

The grand reveal of the daily news team.

A quick skim and virtual survey of us and you will see we are a mixed bag of heavy handed writers, authors, editors, publishers and overall Bitcoin enthusiasts who strive for greatness when it comes to cryptocurrency-based content creation, generation and curation.

As it stands today, our mission is to research, review and report more bitcoin and blockchain related content than any other website on the Internet and have been doing so this entire year and last year's historic run.

This has not been easy an feat to accomplish. We have many more mountains to move in order to get to the level of cryptocurrency culture we want to achieve within this blossoming and beautifully designed ecosystem under the Bitcoin umbrella.

Please reach out to get in touch with any author here at Bitcoin Exchange Guide. They will gladly connect with you for any questions, followups or interviews.
If you are interested and involved in cryptocurrencies and would enjoy writing about them and getting paid to generate content, please feel free to reach out as well as we are always looking to expand as we continue our rise and ascension up the ladder of most active cryptocurrency communities in the world.