The grand reveal of the daily news team.

A quick skim and virtual survey of us and you will see we are a mixed bag of heavy handed writers, authors, editors, publishers and overall Bitcoin enthusiasts who strive for greatness when it comes to cryptocurrency-based content creation, generation and curation.

As it stands today, our mission is to research, review and report more bitcoin and blockchain related content than any other website on the Internet and have been doing so this entire year and last year's historic run.

This has not been easy an feat to accomplish. We have many more mountains to move in order to get to the level of cryptocurrency culture we want to achieve within this blossoming and beautifully designed ecosystem under the Bitcoin umbrella.

Please reach out to get in touch with any author here at Bitcoin Exchange Guide. They will gladly connect with you for any questions, followups or interviews.

If you are interested and involved in cryptocurrencies and would enjoy writing about them and getting paid to generate content, please feel free to reach out as well as we are always looking to expand as we continue our rise and ascension up the ladder of most active cryptocurrency communities in the world.

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AnTy has been involved in the crypto space full-time for over two years now. Before her blockchain beginnings, she worked with the NGO, Doctor Without Borders as a fundraiser and since then exploring, reading, and creating for different industry segments.

    Jimmy AkiJimmy Aki

    Jimmy has been following the development of blockchain for several years, and he is optimistic about its potential to democratize the financial system. When not immersed in the daily events in the crypto scene, he can be found watching legal reruns or trying to beat his Scrabble high score.

    Lamps TLamps T

    Lamps is a British economist and Bitcoin evangelist with an elusive ken for all things blockchain. A writer by avocation, Lamps' suasive opinions and analyses evince a quenchless passion to promote the integration of blockchain as the new economic and commercial infrastructure on a global scale.

      Lujan OderaLujan Odera

      Lujan is a blockchain technology and cryptocurrency author and editor. He has worked in the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology since 2015 helping him gain enough experience to be the writer he is today. He is known for his simple writing style that allows novices to understand the field in the simplest way.

      Joseph KibeJoseph Kibe

      Joseph is a blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast, with a strong conviction that exposure of blockchain technology is for the good of the society. Fascinated by the massive potential of cryptocurrencies and the technology behind them – blockchain – Joseph spent lots of his time learning more about the industry, becoming a polished expert writer in the sector. He covers any cryptocurrency and blockchain related content.

        Edwin MunyuiEdwin Munyui

        Edwin is a FinTech enthusiast with a particular interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. He has worked as an author in the blockchain space since 2017 and enjoys creating content that both crypto veterans and newbies can understand. His simple writing style and financial market knowledge have made him a reputable fundamental and technical analyst with the ability to handle any topic around blockchain and crypto over the years.

        Ali RazaAli Raza

        A freelance journalist, with experience in web journalism and marketing. Ali holds a master degree in finance and enjoys writing about cryptocurrencies and fintech. Ali's work has been published on a number of cryptocurrency publications.

          Silvia ASilvia A

          Though relatively new to the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, Silvia has a strong interest in the field and a love of writing as well. She brings an interesting take to current happenings in the industry and enjoys introducing the latest developments to cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts alike. She’s excited to promote a vibrant and fresh discussion as the industry continues to develop and move forward.

            Hank KlingerHank Klinger

            Hank Klinger has been working online for seven years now. He has written for several national companies. Hank has been a part of our team for over three years, reviewing ICOs, new cryptocurrencies and helping us keep up to date with industry news. His primary knowledge is in marketing, sales, and advertising, and he uses that knowledge to research and pick out reliable sources of information to use as a basis for his writing.

              Rebecca AssehRebecca Asseh

              Rebecca Asseh is a blockchain and cryptocurrency journalist fascinated with sharing the knowledge of this technology in the simplest language possible.

                Lillian PeterLillian Peter

                Lillian P has a knack for anything that teases the mind, with a keen interest in the blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and anything in between. Can bring to life the most difficult and boring concepts in the blockchain space. Lillian is a brilliant writer working with various publications.

                  Oana UlaruOana Ularu

                  Curious about what’s going on with all the money in the world, Oana is bringing you the latest news in the crypto world. She’s aware of the fact that you need to know everything that’s happening on the financial scene in order to play the cryptocurrency market, so you can count on her to share with you every little detail on what matters.

                    Ben JordanBen Jordan

                    Ben began his FinTech career path in 2008 after growing interest and intrigue about market wizards and how they managed to become victorious on the battlefield of the financial world. After a decade of learning, reading and training the ins and outs of the industry, he’s now a sought after trading professional, technical/currency analyst and funds manager - as well as an author.

                      Matthew NorthMatthew North

                      Matthew North is a freelance fintech writer from New Zealand. He became enraptured with digital currencies in 2017 and has been writing about them ever since.

                        Nirmala VelupillaiNirmala Velupillai

                        Nirmala is a blogger who has been fascinated by the world of technology and its contributions to societal development. While a novice, her eager to learn about the crypto world has led her to write a number of pieces on its positive and negative aspects. On her spare time, she indulges in understanding and building statistical models and enhancing her painting skills.

                          Damola BadaDamola Bada

                          I'm Damola, a computer engineer from Obafemi Awolowo University. A crypto enthusiast, marketer, and writer who is seeking to achieve career excellence through hard work and positive contribution to the organization that aspires for excellence.

                            Denis MiritiDenis Miriti

                            Denis Miriti is an excellent writer that perfectly understands financial markets, which allows me to provide great quality of writing on the niche. I have 3 years of experience as a freelance Forex writer, creating educational articles, strategies, news re-written articles, forecasts and much more. Other skills include Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency writing.

                              Aayush JAayush J

                              Aayush is a Senior Cryptocurrency Strategist and Forex Expert who has a decorated history of over a decade in FinTech Markets and IT industries. As a financial markets contributor and observer, his primary focus is on specializing and sharpening his skillset inside the Technical Analysis arena and is well known for his informative and entertaining analytical skills inside the Bitcoin, Etheruem and crypto asset markets.

                                Daniel WDaniel W

                                Daniel Wambugu writes daily cryptocurrency and blockchain related articles BitcoinExchangeGuide. His articles have appeared in numerous blogs, media publications, and community forums. He prides himself on once being a beginner and uses his experience to deliver high-quality insightful content for our dear readers. With a knack for reviewing ICOs or researching news, Daniel plans to continue being a top contributor for many years to come.

                                  Carl TCarl T

                                  Carl is a legend in cryptocurrency space for his long-storied experience, history and insights. He is a digital nomad who fell in love with bitcoin and its offspring for many years now and prides himself on delivering quality perspectives in the emerging world of crypto-assets and blockchain technology.

                                    Tokoni UtiTokoni Uti

                                    Tokoni Uti is a Lagos-based writer with several years of experience. Her work has appeared in the Huffington Post, the Los Angeles Free Press and the San Diego Free press among others. She is a graduate of Bowen University.

                                      Dalmas NDalmas N

                                      Dalmas is a very active cryptocurrency content creator and highly regarded technical analyst. He’s passionate about blockchain technology and the futuristic potential of cryptocurrencies and enjoys the opportunity to help educate bitcoin enthusiasts through his writing insights and coin price chart analysis.

                                        Osahon OkodughaOsahon Okodugha

                                        Osahon Okodugha is a blockchain and financial writer based in Lagos, he is also a published writer with years of experience. He has degrees from the University of Ghana, Legon, and the University of Lagos.

                                          Sakshi JainSakshi Jain

                                          Insatiably curious and inappropriately funny, Sakshi lives by the words "Create more than you consume". An ex-employee of Goldman Sachs, Sakshi understands the nuances of all things finance. Now a content writer in the space of fintech, she wants to be both a witness and a teller of a revolution that changed the world we live in and in the process would want to be able to leave behind a legacy however small, however unknown but significant nonetheless.

                                            Ogwu EmmaOgwu Emma

                                            Ogwu Osaemezu Emmanuel is a blockchain analyst with several years of experience in the cryptospace. He writes regularly for several leading cryptocurrency platforms


                                              Kevin has spent time living and working in five countries and is particularly interested in cryptocurrencies role in international development.

                                                Sritanshu SinhaSritanshu Sinha

                                                Sritanshu has a keen interest in emerging technologies, startups and economic anthropology. He holds the view that cryptocurrencies are the best bet humanity has got to push the world towards a borderless economy.

                                                  Ali QamarAli Qamar

                                                  Ali Qamar is a seasoned crypto and blockchain writer and a strong believer in cryptocurrencies with real-life use cases. Ali loves to cover any topic related to TRON and has a keen interest in other cryptocurrency verticals such as Ripple, Stellar, Bitcoin and more.

                                                    Craig ACraig A

                                                    Craig is one of our featured finance writers who specializes in industry insights and deep dives. With a mission of making money feel more humane, Mr. Adeyanju delivers real-world actionable and relatable content to help provide tangible, takehome value. While contributing to the likes of Investopedia, TheStreet and Motley Fool - make sure you tune into Craig's cryptocurrency creations here at BEG.


                                                      Tolu is a cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiast based in Lagos. He likes to demystify bitcoin stories to the bare basics so that anyone anywhere can understand without too much background knowledge and add in social research and feedback insights. When he's not neck-deep in crypto news, Tolu enjoys music, loves signing and is an avid movie lover.

                                                        Nikola LazicNikola Lazic

                                                        Nikola Lazić is a highly sought out crypto price analyzer with a financial markets edge due to his bachelor's degree in Sociology. Utilizing psychology in optimizing his understanding for predicting the crowd's positioning comes from his deep background in Elliot applications combined with Fibonacci cluster structures. Since 2015, these analytical tools have made him a full-time followed trader who is respected amongst his peers and considers himself among the upper echelon of cryptocurrency pricing experts.

                                                          Azeez MustaphaAzeez Mustapha

                                                          Azeez began his FinTech career path in 2008 after growing interest and intrigue about market wizards and how they managed to become victorious on the battlefield of the financial world. After a decade of learning, reading and training the ins and outs of the industry, he’s now a sought after trading professional, technical/currency analyst and funds manager - as well as an author.

                                                            Rushali ShomeRushali Shome

                                                            Rushali Shome is a history graduate and a budding administrator with an inquisitive mind. She can either be found poring over opinion editorials or writing, both of which she loves.

                                                            Ponvang BulusPonvang Bulus

                                                            Ponvang is a cryptocurrency enthusiast, author and investor. He has experience writing on current happenings in the industry as well as technical aspects of Bitcoin improvements. He is also completely fascinated with blockchain technology and an ardent believer in the same. When he is not working, he likes bird watching and reading about politics and the environment as well as traveling and promoting the use of cryptocurrency among family and friends.

                                                              Alo KingxyAlo Kingxy

                                                              Alo Kingsley had been a strong Cryptocurrency & blockchain enthusiast with immense interest for privacy , and masternode coins, and a passionate Cryptocurrency article writer and marketer since 2017

                                                                Michael KapikovMichael Kapikov

                                                                Michael Kapilkov is a New York based writer that serves as the Managing Director at mmviii Digital Assets Group. He gets frequently invited to speak at Crypto conferences. He has attended Columbia University and holds an MBA from IE Business School.

                                                                  Saad B. MurtazaSaad B. Murtaza

                                                                  Journalist, Writer, Researcher, Editor, and Strategic Media Manager With over 10 years of experience in the digital, print and public relations industries, Saad has been working with the mantra, Creativity, Quality and Punctuality. In his waning years promises to build a self-sustaining institute that provides free education. For his love of technology he has been covering various areas from cyber crimes, scams, to blockchain, and cryptocurrencies throughout his career.


                                                                  T.F.T. started taking trading serious in early 2017 as a hobby. But hobbies to him aren’t like hobbies to other people, pouring A LOT of time into learning things. Professionally, TFT has been an Emergency Room nurse for 8 years, and in the cryptocurrency space for about 6 years. While enjoying philosophy, politics, history, economics, technical analysis, writing, and researching abstract ideas he is also a musician, a father, and an avid woodworker.


                                                                    Luice has been playing with words for a living since 2016 and has developed a keen interest in writing on cryptocurrency, medical marijuana and financial markets at-large. Having previously worked with SpringerNature, apart from writing, what sparks synapses in him is football, mandala art and high altitude trekking.

                                                                      Wolfpack CryptoWolfpack Crypto

                                                                      Bobby Atkins is a full-time commodity and bitcoin trader with over 14 years of experience from Chicago. Wolfpack Crypto is a valued contributor offering coin price analysis and forecasts utilizing his insight across UBS and PGI asset management.

                                                                        Mark AMark A

                                                                        Mark is a 25 year old cryptocurrency entrepreneur. He was introduced to Bitcoin in 2013 and has been involved with it ever since. He used to mine bitcoins and altcoins but now focuses on blogging and educating others about digital currencies.


                                                                          ZephyrCrypto has been Trading since 2010, focusing on Forex, Tech Stocks and Precious Metals. A follower of the Bitcoin sphere since 2014 and early 2017 marking his entry into trading Cryptocurrency Assets.

                                                                            Igayt DIgayt D

                                                                            Igayt Dawn: A reading addict, coffee lover, and creator. It’s been over a year since I made crypto and blockchain my career. When not writing or reading, you can find me looking for more books to read.

                                                                              Asad GilaniAsad Gilani

                                                                              Asad is a freelance writer. He is interested in technology and in particular the subject of online security. An open supporter of freedom of speech, privacy, and equality for all. On a personal level, he likes to stay socially active, loves playing snooker, cricket, enjoy seafood, and loves listening to folk music.

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