AutoBay: Buy, Sell, And Auction Vehicles Using Blockchain Technology

What Is AutoBay?

AutoBay is a blockchain-enabled platform that allows you to buy, sell, and auction new and used vehicles. The site has private dealerships from all over the globe in the largest blockchain based e-commerce environment. You will be able to pay for your car in cryptocurrencies, which leads to low transaction fees and security due to the use of a cashless payment platform.

Additionally, the platform uses user’s reviews to create an environment that ensures safe and secure transactions. Buyers will get to read reviews on the sellers and dealerships they are dealing with. Sellers get to boost their sales by using a platform that allows them to see the demand statistics on each vehicle they post and the list of interested buyers. If you are a buyer, you can get a vehicle in three easy steps.

Using AutoBay Blockchain Car Dealership E-Commerce Platform


You can search for the car you want on the AutoBay Dapp and website. You can easily customize your search to add the filters you want such as the brand, year of manufacture, model, mileage or distance. You can even adjust your results to find cars, motorcycles, and even trucks within a 20 miles radius from your location.


Once you find a car, truck or motorcycle you want, click on interested icon. The site will provide you with the seller’s address and their profile information. The seller will also get your profile information such that by the time you go to view the car he or she already has your personal details. This will get you acquainted with the dealer and the dealer will be able to organize for your pickup. It also helps dealers understand the demand for their vehicles.

Cashless Payment

Once you see the car and you are sure it is the one you want, you do not have to have cash in hand. The platform allows you to give an advanced payment or you can directly pay using the AutoBay Tokens (ABX). You can also pay using Bitcoins (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) with no need for cash payment. This makes the platform a safe and secure option for buying your car.

AutoBay Advantages

  • Safe payment: The use of smart contract ensures the transactions between parties is safe and secure.
  • Low Fees: The eliminations of intermediaries will result in low fees that can be paid in ABX, ETH or BTC
  • Utility: The ABX token will be used as a utility token to pay for vehicles and also for car posting in e-commerce sites.
  • Rewards: Users who will use ABX will be rewarded with discounts, promotions, and other rewards
  • User verification: Users will be verified using mobile number, social media platforms, and user reviews
  • Better User Experience: No cash payment is needed and the payment process is stress-free, simple, and easy
  • User Reviews: Users of the platform will be reviewed which will create a fair and better community
  • Secure Transactions: The use of blockchain technology ensures a solid registry for each detail of the transaction

AutoBay ABX Token ICO Details

  • The ABX token is an Ethereum token based on the ERC20 standard.
  • The token is valued at 1 ABX=0.0001 ETH.
  • The payment methods you can use include BTC and ETH.
  • The public sale is set to start on 10th July 2018
  • The public sale will end on 23rd July 2018.

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