Are you really ready to invest in High Yield Investment Programs (HYIPs)? Many new investors think that they can get a quick return on investment by investing in HYIPs, but many of them also end up losing their money. Why? Because they trust these companies too much. You are not ready to invest in HYIPs unless you know these companies and the risks involved in these investments very well.

There is only one way to invest well: you have to know the risks involved in each company. You can only do that knowing them very well, so our blog can be an excellent resource when you need to be well informed. We review many HYIPs on our blog, so you will have plenty of options to choose from. Today, we are going to review a new and very popular company called AUTOMATIX.

At the moment, our analysis of AUTOMATIX is still incomplete. Because of this, you have to be warned that all the opinions expressed in this review are going to be partial and that they can be changed in the near future if our opinion about this HYIP changes. If you do not want to wait, you can always browse the site for a huge list of other investments options that you can use.


We do not know if this company is paying as well as it says on its site or not. AUTOMATIX is a very new company and there is much about it that it is not known. Because of this, it is better if you are patient enough to wait for updates before you can actually invest in this company. In any case, avoid investing in this company right now unless you have any reason to do so.


Yes, investing in AUTOMATIX can be quite risky for you. If you value your money, you should not invest in this company or you might end up being scammed. Scams are everywhere and you have to be wary of mysterious companies if you want to avoid them successfully. Because of this, do not invest in this company today and wait for our final review if you really want to invest in it. Investment Plans offers its investors a total of six options for investment plans that they can use on their platform:

  • 2% daily for 7 days;
  • 2.5% daily for 14 days;
  • 3.1% daily for 21 days;
  • 3.8% daily for 28 days;
  • 4.6% daily for 35 days;
  • 5.5% daily for 42 days.

AUTOMATIX Conclusion

We are unable to vouch for the security of investing in Automatix. Avoid this company and look for other investments. Even if this information change in the future, and there is a great chance that it will not, there are far better investments out there, you just have to use our blog to find them. Be cautious and wise and you will be alright when investing using cryptocurrency.

We wish you good luck on your investments.

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  1. I invested in the company on Day 1 of operation . I have received USD daily interest payouts. I only invested the minimum of $10 in LTC . Just as a test. No min. withdrawal & it went to my wallet instantly. So far good. I also was able to communicate with the company support.

  2. I had problems with Automatix to deposit ether coins
    I made a mistake with the amount.

    I contacted the support to check if they can help.
    They found my amount on the ether wallet and they fixed my problem.

    I have been lending for a month now and I receive every payment.
    I investeerde 1.04 ETH at 1400$

    Conclusion: The company have a good customer support.

    • COMPLETE BULLSHIT!!!!!! I messaged them over 50 times over months time and they are never online and never got a response! They stole my money!!!!!!!!! DO NOT TAKE THE CHANCE! Fake address too.

  3. I have 4 withdrawals that are for 4 days in progress. Customer service is down and zero response for over 4 days too.
    I think i’ve contacted them true every possible medium for multiple times!

    Anybody have some insights?

    This feels like the end of Automatix for me..

  4. My upstream has been waiting for payments on his $11.5k investment for 6 days now. DO NOT invest in this company. Far too many people are having problems with manual withdraws. Customer service doesn’t exist. Answers to all emails have gone unanswered. SCAM SCAM SCAM!! DO NOT INVEST!!

  5. Guys,
    Keep away. Since 1st February I’m facing issues of withdrawal and no response from support team.
    Save your from being lost forever.

  6. I have $10k with these people and have not been able to withdraw anything. I have had a pending withdrawal since 1/31/18 and no responses to messages.

  7. I also have been waiting on withdrawal since 2/3/18 with multiple email messages as live support is not available anymore, even though it says 24/7 live support. I will be pulling all of my investment out if i can get it

  8. No withdrawals possible from automatix. Since 1st februari. Me and my 3 friends have the exact same problem. Do not i repeat do no invest any money in this platform. My friend deposited 4k usd and he got 1 payment then it stopped. They accept money to be deposited but no payout.

  9. I have invested 2k $ 14 days ago , now the website is not loading , I can’t see anything ,is just a blank page , same problem others ?


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