The Automotive65 operates on the basis that people love old cars, especially those manufactured between the end of the eighties and the beginning of thirties. The platform seeks to make the old cars temporarily available to interested enthusiasts and users on reasonable terms—that is their mission.

Automotive 65 Potential

Old cars such as the European brands are accepted in other regions of the world. Overall, Automotive65 sees a potential of 50 to 100 Youngtimer bases across the world. In advanced countries, there are already fan bases for such vehicles and their variants. Against that backdrop, Automotive 65 has a goal to establish profitable stores in multiple parts of the world. They aim to achieve this by using the blockchain technology and their  crypto token—A65.

Automotive 65 Renting & Selling Cars – Your Questions Answered

How Can You Rent A Vehicle On Automotive 65 Platform?

The process is fairly simple: You simply need to visit their website and look at cars in the pool. You can book a vehicle at standard price or at member’s price. The best price is the Member Token Award. After booking, you can wait for invoice and pay. Finally, you can pass by and pick your preferred vehicle.

Can You Rent A Vehicle For More Than A Day?

Yes, you can rent a vehicle for as long as you wish, but for each new day, the daily rate applies

How Many Free Kilometers Are There?

There is no mileage allowance. The number of dangerous kilometers is free. They call that Fair-Flat.

Your Membership Application Was Not Approved. Why?

There is no entitlement to membership. The legal process is excluded. If you find that your desired vehicle is not available at the desired time, you can choose a different period or choose another vehicle.

Automotive 65 ICO Tokens


You can buy the A65 tokens immediately on Indigogo as crowdfunding. Delivery of the tokens is after the end of the campaign.

On the Waves trading platform, you can also buy tokens. The number of tokens provided for this platform is 300,000 tokens. Here you can buy tokens at 50% discount.

Automotive 65 Youngtimer Pool & Community

At the pool, you can see the current Automotive65 Youngtimer Pool that you can book. The vehicles will inspire you as you look forward to your next exit. In addition, the platform adds more fresh vehicles as old vehicles leave the pool. They also update the platform constantly with interesting Youngtimers and classics to match your preference. From March 15, the prices will be final and shall apply per day, without mileage limit.

How does it work? With Automative65, you can drive your favorite young toy from March 15. They offer transparent prices, with no mileage limit. As a member, you get better terms and discounts. If you pay with the A65 token, you can get the best price and save up to 50 percent.

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