What Is Autorium?

Autorium is an ERC20 Ethereum-based automatic mining platform. By utilizing a ERC20-based cryptocurrency called Autorium, Bitcoincrypto has developed an auto mining software which works as a smart contract. The company has also developed a platform which will be used for sales to make the cryptocurrency be more valuable.

The company will actively encourage merchants to adopt its currency in order to create an ecosystem in which its token will be the center of everything. The cryptocurrency was created by a team composed by Stuart Farmer (technical architect), Boris Chan (business development) and Mario Hernandez (econometrics).

How Does Bitcoincrypto Autorium Work?

The Bitcoincrypto platform distributes permanent mining wells instead of distributing mining nodes enabling mining to be easier because it will be made automatically. The company states that it will take up until a year before the mining is complete.

The platform will also have a marketplace and a casino in which the tokens bought or mined by the users will be able to be bought. By taking all these measures, the company believes that it will be able to create an environment in which people will have enough of its cryptocurrency to be able to create a sustainable marketplace in which they start to use to gamble or to buy goods.

This will, in its time, make the price of this cryptocurrency be higher because it will turn into a useful cryptocurrency to access many profitable markets.

Autoria (AUT) Cryptocurrency Coin ICO Details

Unfortunately, the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) held by Bitcoincrypto was finished during 2017, so you will not be able to invest in this company paying the best available price for its Autorium tokens. You can check the company’s site for more information about how to participate on the platform.

Autorium Verdict

Is Autorium a good investment? Probably not. The ICO of this company was held during 2017 and we have not heard much about this token ever since. Because of this, we have some concerns about this cryptocurrency. While its plan to give money to people and create sites in which the people can use that money might be good, it is a plan with some chance of failure exactly because the tokens do not have intrinsic value.

If the company fails to really make a very valuable market and is giving tokens to people for free, then it can be a recipe for failure to just keep giving people more tokens if the ones who already exist do not have some value already.

The choice is yours, but we do not recommend Autorium as a viable cryptocurrency for you to invest in. Because of this, feel free to look for another option if you really want to invest in an interesting cryptocurrency company today. We have a great set of options for you.

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