What Is AvaGo?

The AvaGO application will allow users to offer any service to anyone anywhere in the world. Thus, anyone can become a broadcaster and earn money that represents valuable content in various business models like Pay per Minute, Pay per Act, Per View, and In-Stream Payments.

The aim of this project is to become the leader in the live consulting market. On the platform, a client will always be able to find specialists and valuable content that offers easy access to know how. The Platform will create a huge ecosystem of blockages that allow you to sell services via live broadcasts, post the content, and sell it to a huge audience.

AvaGo Markets

The AVaGo project combines three markets: Live Services, Live Broadcast, and Transcoding and Relay. To achieve its goal, the platform will use the blockchain for managing transactions and calculations.

Live Services

The market offers service providers with a way to sell services to anyone. It will let you schedule live broadcasts, broadcast in HD, a convenient billing option, special programs, and the AVA tokens. This will apply to various industries: doctors, lawyers, fitness, education, language studies, finance, and many others.

The platform utilizes powerful B2C and B2B technology that can be used in various verticals. They include practical guides, seminars, television, music, e-learning, wellness, charity, and much more.

Transcoding And Relay Node

Because of the transcoding services and the relay nodes, the users will have the opportunity to make money using their processors. The AvaGo transaction protocol makes it possible to earn while transmitting video. The network nodes will perform useful work instead of just endless calculation like in the standard Proof of Work method.

The AvaGo network is a video stream powered by the blockchain. Because of the blockchain, it offers decentralization, scalability, and an open market for live broadcasts globally. With AVaGo, anyone can start making money with his or her mobile device.

The AvaGo Blockchain Broadcast Network & Paid Advice App Solution

AvaGo will solve many of the problems that currently exist in the world. There are many situations where face-to-face contact is needed to get the right help. This is usually expensive and takes time. It is especially distressing when you need high-quality service in a fast manner.

How AvaGo Works

The creator will create a channel via which they can sell live services or broadcast to a huge audience. They will then sign the smart contract for retransmission and transcoding. The client will then pay for the complete service and to access various videos you have posted.

This platform even comes with a feature for private sessions. The user will broadcast to a wide audience and encourage potential customers to switch to individual calls afterwards. To power this network, the AVA token will be deployed. It will come with a fixed amount of coins.

AvaGo AVA Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token: AVA
  • Total tokens: 500 million AVA
  • Price: 1 AVA = 0.00017 ETH
  • Bounty: Yes
  • ICO Date: June 26, 2018 – September 26, 2018
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Country: Singapore
  • KYC: Yes

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