What Is Avantgarde Ratings?

The new blockchain is the world’s number one platform for rating cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. It operates as an agency that people can hire, work with or invest into and learn from. They also have a whitepaper listing on the website where you can learn more about the system in great detail – far more than you will on this review apparently.

How Does Avantgarde Blockchain Ratings Agency Work?

The Avantgarde group has one of the most diversified portfolios when it comes to the cryptocurrency market. And that’s not all, the correlation of coefficient showcases that they use as their spotlight hedging mechanic. Also, they fully utilize the USDT and DGD to create a balance that is synchronous for exposure to Bitcoin. And, the AVG50 is a extremely liquid because of the emphasis they put on trading volume in opposition to the markets overall capitalization.

The company will help to establish full transparency in the cryptocurrency market. While at the same time giving users a safe place where they can set their investment option into place. The company is promising that they can outperform any other portfolio index that it is running on the market. And they are completely uncorrelated with the regular cryptocurrency that is also operating on the market.

The smart hedge fund strategies are used to avoid and regulate any downfalls that occur. This in turn helps with the balancing of the system and stress testing for accuracy.

Avantgarde AVG ICO Details

The ICO for Avantgarde will start in a little less than 18 days. And 1 ETH = 3,000 of the AVG token. The portfolios are diversified and said to be some of the top performing ones you can find on any platform in the industry. And the company also performs ratings that operate based on global rankings of cryptocurrencies and different blockchain technologies according to scores like credit ratings.

Any indices that occur within the cryptocurrency market are used to track performance for the purpose of sound enhancement. And with the new market intelligence, there is a complete database that is used for the cryptocurrency market.

The company promises to get a 2.1% return over the span of two months. And it will likely outperform other platforms by as much as 76%. With as much as $55.1 billion in total assets the company is set to dominate the market capitalization. And there is another $24.44 billion dollars being spent for the average trading volume.

Avantgarde Ratings Conclusion

The company has a token that is promising to have a multitude of benefits. It’s the AVG coin as they call it and a tokenized share of the company essentially. According to the people who audit the system, there are financial advisors who are guaranteeing the company will grow at a rate of 500% over the span of the next 6 months minimum.

Some are even projecting it to grow as much as 2000% which is an outrageously high number if they can pull it off. AVG coins are able to be traded on the various cryptocurrency websites around the world like Binance, Bittrex, and Bitifinex. If you want to get in on the action, go to avantgarderatings.com and you can get started with the company in a matter of minutes.


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