What Is Avatara?

Avatara is a blockchain-based platform that seeks to provide opportunities for low and middle-income earners by making it easy for them to virtually travel around the world by solving some of the major challenges they might face. These challenges include the costly nature of personal travels, a lot of time required for travelling, and there might be communication barriers and cultural differences in foreign countries.

The platform will allow its users a personal virtual presence anywhere in the world without any cultural barriers or restrictions. It will also have mobile communication services that will enable its users to have a full-scale video broadcasting through the internet. These features will allow everyone and not only those with high incomes to be able to travel around the world virtually, carry out research on international markets, make trade agreements without any language barriers, and even sample or purchase new products.

The AvataraCoin Cryptocurrency

Once a user registers on the platform, they can use their AvataraCoin tokens to access an Avatara person who is located in their desired point on the world map and connect with them using Skype. An Avatara Person will have a phone with a camera or video glasses with a camera and an internet connection in order to provide a virtual presence for the user.

In case the Avatara does not communicate the same language as the user, the user can connect an interpreter to the communication channel. Users can locate the interpreters on the Avatara site. The blockchain technology will ensure that the communication between the users, Avatara person, and interpreter is secure.

Avatara Benefits

Smart Contracts:

The tokens will have a smart contract, which ensure that every party in the transaction fulfills their obligations and therefore avoid conflicts. The smart contracts will help the token holders to transacts with the tokens or exchange them in a transparent way therefore preventing frauds.


The platform uses security tools such as SSL certificate, which provides a secure connection between the website and the users. This ensures that third parties cannot access user and investor information such as credit card information.

Token Wallet:

Users and investors of the platform will receive a unique wallet, which they can use for transacting and storing of their tokens. The wallet will be safe, reliable, and easy to use.

Discounts And Bonus Program:

Investors who purchase the tokens early will receive discounts. There will also be bounty bonus program where users will receive rewards in form of tokens for performing certain tasks.

Avatara VTR Token ICO Details

Avatara seeks to obtain funding for the project through the Initial Coin Offering. Investors can participate in the crowd funding by opening an investor’s account, which they will use to purchase and manage the tokens. The tokens are Ethereum-based, with an integration of smart contract. In order to purchase tokens, investors will have to deposit Ethereum into their Avatara’s wallet. Investors who purchase the tokens during the ICO will receive discounts on the prices.

The tokens are the accepted method of transacting within the platform. Investors can buy, sell, or trade the tokens within themselves. Once the ICO is completed, the token holders can trade them on the available cryptocurrency exchanges.


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