AVINOC (Aviation Network Operation Chain) Blockchain Airline Booking Launches ICO

The cryptocurrency and bitcoin industries are constantly being meshed with other industries to help the economy find new applications. One of the newest concepts is the idea of bringing blockchain to aviation, which is exactly what AVINOC is doing.

AVINOC, originally named the Aviation Network Operation Chain, is working towards decentralizing the aviation industry, which will be with the help of blockchain systems. Basically, the company aims to eliminate the fuss around serving passengers, airlines, air traffic control, and travel industries simultaneously. These changes in the industry will make it hard for airline-booking companies like expedia.com and checkfelix.com to stay afloat, because the blockchain ensures a direct link to the companies.

This coordinated effort comes in the form of a single platform that will be applicable around the world, specifically towards business flights and general aviation. There’s complete decentralization in this effort, though both companies and individuals can maintain their anonymity on the blockchain. Much of the attention towards this project has to do with bringing down costs and reducing the risk of delay.

There seems to be some algorithm or AI technology involved, because some of the platform can manage conflict in these bookings. For example, if there is an empty or nearly empty flight, the program is designed to provide other options for travel, avoiding the use of the vacant airline to save on costs. By condensing flights, consumers both reduce pollution and reduce the user’s costs per flight.

With the introduction of AVINOC to the aviation industry, consumers will not have to go through multiple tedious steps to create their booking issues. There is no need to retrieve emails or validate payments or even to use a travel agent, which are all considered “best practice” for the industry right now. Instead, the user will be able to book and pay directly through the airline’s blockchain technology.

Just to prepare for a flight, it can take at least eight hours of labor. However, since AVINOC allows consumers to book directly. On the airline’s side, AVINOC also helps to pay salaries, manage fees, submit fuel payments, and order refuels. The platform will change the way that everyone looks at airlines, even the people involved.

By eradicating the complex nature of airline travel and booking, there is a new foundation that AVINOC can rely on. Even 50 years ago, the same technology has existed in aviation, which should be the first sign that its time for an upgrade.

The technology is the Global Distribution System (GDS), which uses travel agencies to book with passengers, which has been monopolized by three key players. With so many online travel agencies available, consumers are stuck looking for hours or even days to determine what the best price is for the particular flight. However, by introducing a platform without any variations, consumers know that they are receiving fair prices and fewer fees. Furthermore, this change will pivot the airline industry forward, maintaining new regulatory standards for the next 50 years of flight.

The key to using this platform is with the AVINOC token, which will be an ERC-20 coin on Ethereum for now. Though it will be traded, the primary use of the tokens will be for payment of tickets, though it will also cover all the general costs of booking an airline ticket. Right now, the fixed number of tokens is 1 billion, though only 40% will be sold to the public.

At the time of the sale, the value will be $0.05, though the way that consumers use it and promote its longevity will determine how much it climbs in value. To learn more about the sale of AVINOC itself, consumers can visit avinoc.com/ or send an email to [email protected]

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