Digital marketplace is today one of the biggest marketplaces known to man. Its revenue is projected to reach $1 trillion within the next ten years. Now, take a moment and think about all the different kinds of digital products that change hands on a daily basis.

Games, pictures, programs, videos, music, contracts, and eBooks all fall into this category. But despite the widespread use of all these digital products, there is no standardized method in use for selling all these services and products online. All those involved have chosen to use different storefronts, which also means that there is currently no standard method of making payments.

To make matters worse, there is the issue of middlemen. All middlemen have imposed their own unique rules. If you break even a single one of these rules, you get banned from their platforms. And remember, this will be after they have charged you exorbitant fees. This is what AXEL marketplace seeks to change.

What Is AXEL?

AXEL was founded in the year 2012 with the aim of giving people control over their digital content. It first achieved this objective by launching Indiegogo-funded CloudLocker. This was a private, physical cloud storage device that had the same features as the cloud, but one where you did not need to make any uploads.

From here, StoAmigo was the next step in realizing this dream. Its goal was to provide enhanced functions, without having to worry about external storage. To signal the beginning of an evolution, StoAmigo rebranded into AXEL in 2018.

The mission was to give people more control over their content and files, including all their personal data. This was to be achieved without the loss of convenience.

AXEL Content Marketplace App Benefits

Remember a time when people relied on horses for transportation before the advent of cars? Well, this is what AXEL intends to be when it comes to all matters to do with paid digital content. With AXEL, you get to:

  • Sell anything you want easily, and in a matter of seconds. With AXEL, you can click on any file stored on your PC, go-to options, and within seconds make it searchable in the global marketplace.
  • No startup fees. It has become very expensive for people to sell anything online today. However, starting with AXEL will not cost anything.
  • Global decentralized selling. When you have a marketplace that is decentralized, it means that users are in a position to keep and maintain ownership of their content. You do not have to worry about arbitrary regulations and censorships
  • No hostage situations to worry about. AXEL seeks to rewrite the rules on how online transactions are carried out. Parties involved in a transaction will both get what they need simultaneously. No need to follow up on payments.
  • Invisible transactions. The AXEL token is powered by the blockchain technology which guarantees invisibility due to the encryption mechanisms in place.

AXEL Features

  • Sharing—get to share anything you want with anyone you want. You can share any file type, be it a document, video, music file, or picture.
  • Access—you have complete control over all your files. You get to determine what happens to the files, where they are stored, and how this happens.
  • Privacy and security—you never have to worry about third-party servers. AXEL works by connecting two devices directly. This means that there are no middlemen.
  • File transfer—file transfer has never been this busy. All you have to do is drag and drop a file, and voila, you are done.

Looking at the above features and advantages, AXEL really is bound to bring a digital revolution.

AXEL Token Generation Event Details

Parameters Of The TGE

  • Currency Payments Accepted BTC, ETH, USD
  • Target Minimum Raise14 $20,000,000 USD
  • Token Value at ITGE15 $0.02 USD
  • Total Token Volume 50,000,000,000 AXEL Tokens
  • Token Release for ITGE 10,000,000,000 AXEL Tokens

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