AXENS has been designed as a forward-looking platform for B2B. This platform is going to be powered by the blockchain. It has been designed specifically for Distributed Trade Services and Distributed Supply Chain Finance. AXENs offers flexible, innovative, and accessible trade finance as well as a secure supply chain management solution.

The developers of this platform enable the automation of transactions on a global scale. They manage a huge number of businesses and documents. Thus, they ensure that businesses comply with the changing regulatory environment globally.

What Is AXenS?

AXENS is powered by an enterprise blockchain technology, which is used to support global trade. To achieve this goal, they have put together some tools, which allow users to participate in scalable networks. For instance, those where insurance and financial service, customs authorities, and supply and logistics supply chain services can interoperate and collaborate securely. AXENS assists by alleviating financial risk and the delays experienced in exports and imports, which enable businesses of any size to react fast to any business opportunity.

AXENS is a venture, which was established by a consortium of Global Commodities Trading Exercises. Swaye Capital Management leads it. The goal is to leverage the benefits of the blockchain while also growing trade frequency and critical mass. This will be made possible thanks to the collaboration with Xnotes.

Understanding Xnotes Blockchain

Xnotes is a leading distributed ledger technology that combines flexible and open infrastructure and the blockchain. It has been built on the best enterprise frameworks out there. Xnotes implements the principles of the blockchain at its core.

However, it differs a bit from the existing blockchain technology. It has been designed for the purposes of enterprise transactions since its founding. It does not have a pre-defined virtual currency. It also features robust data privacy mechanisms, high configurability, and a solid permission system. This system will be useful in executing business-oriented workflows. Xnotes was awarded the “ECR Golden Circle Innovation Hong Kong” in 2016. A technology incubator, whose headquarters is Stuttgart, incubated it. Xnotes is going to be the lead developer of this project.

The AXS Tokens Supply Chain Finance Trading

The AXS token is going to make it possible to offer a cost-effective solution to international transactions. Additionally, it is going to increase the overall velocity of exchanges. This is because it acts as both a store of value and crypto asset backed by real-world assets. The coin can easily be controlled by smart contracts. These smart contracts are transparent and logical, and they are secured by the blockchain.

AXenS AXS Token ICO Details

According to the roadmap, the ICO is going to go live in April. For the ICO to be a success, the developers have set a hard cap of $50 million. At the ICO, the developers will accept XLM, ETH, BTC & fiat. Each token is going to sell for 0.5 USD or its equivalent in the crypto coins that will be accepted. It is expected that after the sale, these platforms are going to be listed on exchanges at the start of July.

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