What Is Asset Exchange Network AXNET?

Asset Exchange Network is a diverse and international team of experts working together with a single intention—to implement blockchain technology to change the world. The team has created a cryptocurrency exchange network that is both centralized and decentralized. They believe the network will make it easy for people to trade and spend cryptocurrencies besides making them more accessible.

The AXNET team believes that the future is bright with blockchain technology. The disruptive technology will not only deal with cryptocurrencies but will equally transform other fields such as safe communication, non-corruptive data transfer, and many others.

Since it’s just the dawn of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, the team is determined to create a stable, reliable, network that is ready for expansion. It’s for that reason the team is constantly working hard to keep up with the perpetual praxis of the advancing technology.

AXNET Licensed Crypto Asset Exchange Network Components

The Power Of Your Wallet

The AXNET trading platform embraces universal cryptocurrency exchange with rechargeable addresses. This enables users to use their own wallets in the decentralized interface, which enables peer-to-peer transaction.

Two Exchanges, One Platform

AXNET platform allows users to utilize both decentralized and centralized exchange services under one roof, just with a flip of a switch. This service is not available in other exchanges.

Trade Engine Built To Last

With a proprietary trade engine, the platform is usable in both centralized and decentralized trading interfaces. This results in a high throughput user experience in each trading environment.

Present Challenges Facing Crypto Exchanges

Despite the wild successes witnessed in the past year, many consumers worldwide continue to have worst experiences with cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Bittrex locked accounts for several months; Coinbase suffers from frequent crashes and loss of wire transfers; Binance prohibits new users from opening accounts; Coincheck and Bithumb experience regular hacks. All these problems trickle down to the user, who is in dilemma every time they occur.

Fortunately, AXNET exists to provide a next generation solution to the existing problems of the crypto exchanges.

AXNET Benefits

Operation Strategies

AXNET is resilient, strong, and competitive. These qualities arise from the fact that it has a reliable and powerful research and development team to make sure that the platform remains stable and delivers top-notch service.

High-Performance Engine

With a hardware-accelerated engine, AXNET is able to make up to 2 million orders per second and to process up to one million orders per second. With zero delay in the entire order execution process, the platform is one of the fastest available.

Finance-Level Stability

Asset Exchange Network embraces a multi-layered and multi-clustered design that enables it to remain stable while handling multiple tasks.

AXNET AXN Token & ICO Details

The AXNET (AXN) is the legitimate token accepted on the network. The token operates on the ERC 20 and utilizes the technological convenience of the Ethereum Blockchain. Therefore, it supports all Ethereum wallets. The AXN token has a total issuance volume of one billion tokens, and is expected to stay at 500 million tokens after a buy-back disposal.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Symbol: AXN
  • Token Sale Date: Present – 09/01/18
  • Accepted Payment Method: BTC, ETH, LTC, ETC, BCH, EOS, XLM, ADA, ZEC, XMR
  • Total Supply: 1 Billion
  • Token Standard: ERC20

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