It is true that the world has become a global village and people are no longer limited to local products and services. Anyone can pay for products and services from anywhere at any time with the staggering growth of e-commerce. However, e-commerce is a risky business. Risky in terms of buyers not getting what they pay for and getting defective goods. Sellers, on the other hand, may not be sure whether buyers will pay for products or services after delivery. Simply put, there’s no guarantee that both sides will fulfill their obligations.

Sure, there are some ways to secure the transactions but don’t work equally for the two parties. Mostly it’s payment on delivery or using a third-party company to monitor the transactions and when both sides fulfill their end of the bargain, payment is released. Using a third party increases the transaction costs for the parties and it is not really enough to guarantee obligations as anything can happen right in the middle the trades.

What Is AxTrust?

The solution to this – using blockchain based transfers. AxTrust is a company that provides users with trusted dealings through the application of blockchain technology.

How AxTrust Smart Cryptocurrency Buys Goods & Services Work

AxTrust main aim is to ensure safe transactions between shoppers and vendors by implementing smart contracts based on blockchain technology. Blockchain innovation facilitates direct safe and verifiable P2P transactions between two individuals by recording and maintaining them in a block in a way that they cannot be modified. AxTrust thus offers users with tokens to secure transactions with all the parties they are dealing with. Conditions of the trade exchanges are known to the involved parties and embedded on blockchain archives in case of misdealings.

This is how it works, a buyer transfers Cryptocurrencies to a smart contract for goods or services they need from a seller. The seller is aware of the smart contract but cannot put their finger on it until they fulfill their part of the deal. When the buyer is fully satisfied with their services, they release the currency on the smart contract for the buyer and everybody is happy.

To enjoy safe transactions online, users only need to register with AxTrust.

AxTrust TRU ICO Details

The AxTrust token is called Tru tokens. You can purchase TRU tokens during their ICO set to begin on April 1st. You will be able to use Ethereum to acquire TRU coins.

Is It Safe To Use AxTrust?

Have you been deceived when purchasing stuff via the Internet? It doesn’t matter whether you were paying for a domain name, a car or a new logo for your business. Sometimes it’s a defective product or poor services. It has happened to me, and not just once. A quick guess – there’s a chance it has happened to you too.

With everybody using the Internet to shop, socialize, exchange freelance services and more, the greater the risk of losing your hard-earned cash or getting poor services. Sometimes it is even a trusted party who may not fulfill their end of the bargain.

Now the question becomes, who wouldn’t want a guarantee of safe and trusted exchanges via the Internet? Everybody wants that. That is what AxTrust is offering by providing you with smart contracts – verifiable mathematical procedures for the purchase of goods and services. Now, this you can trust! Furthermore, the company has an upcoming ICO next month and investors can take advantage of the launch to buy tokens at a low price and sell when their value increases for profit.

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