What is Azelo?

The platform is being designed to be the platform for the fine arts. I’ve seen other art inspired cryptocurrency ICOs, but this one does look a bit different than the other cryptocurrency blockchain technology-based systems. This one is primarily focused around fine arts and making each piece trackable, verifiable, unique and collectable. If you want to learn more about the platform you can go to and sign up for the platform and newsletter.

How Does Azelo Work?

The platform is a new solution that is looking to change the way that art is viewed online. And note only is about viewing the art, but also but validating it to make sure it’s authentic. Once a piece has been verified to be real, it can be traded, sold, displayed and shared. Online art has never seen anything like this before and it’s likely going to be the one blockchain art platform that will accelerate past the rest considering it’s the first of its kind and has a serious advantage against the competition, because that doesn’t even exist yet.

Azelo will empower artists to take their own unique stance on the platform and empower them through digital means to help spread true talent with serious collectors, artists and galleries all over the world. They will then be able to take part in a decentralized online auction where the art will be bought and sold. It’s the first time that the ownership of art is being verified and limited thanks to the power of the blockchain bitches.

Azelo is only full of trusted digital art. To have value the art must be verified and completely trusted. The platform accomplishes this by working side by side with the best digital artists online to make verified proofs that are written directly into the blockchain technology.

This is important because online art is failing and only takes up a mediocre 8% of all art on the marketplace, worldwide. And when it comes to digital art, it probably doesn’t even account for 1% of all art that is sold.

Artists will love the platform because it is used to create beautifully rendered art, that is culturally significant but would otherwise have no medium for display around the world so easily as on Azelo. There are sharing sites like IG, Deviant and Pinterest, but there is no encouragement for collaboration or to follow the artists and look for more work by them, eventually turning into a collector who loves the artists work.

Azelo in Conclusion

The art sharing platform is simple enough for anyone to use. All you have to do is get your age verified. And they work with artists to create verified proofs that end up being the pieces typically collected. After an artist is verified they can participate in auction. Azelo is the first platform of it’s kind and truly allows artists and art collectors to co-mingle and get the most bang for their buck. Lastly, artists can safely store their digital art on the Azelo platform. It’s a great platform for artists and art lovers, or people who truly want to own the rarest stuff in the world.


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