The crypto market has been flooded with various investment opportunities, this is from new coins being developed each and every day, or just platforms that promise to give a return on a daily. All this is music to an investors ears because you are able to comfortably diversify your project, as no one wants to put all their eggs in just one basket.

But have you ever thought of getting insurance on your investment, well if it is a car or a house we quickly run to insure our assets, but did you know it is also possible in the crypto market? Well, this is even double good news for us, as you can insure against losses not just your physical assets but also your crypto assets.

We are sure this is something that has intrigued you so read on and find out more about this crypto asset insurance known at B.Sure.

What Is B.Sure?

B.Sure has established itself in offering a reliable infrastructure that is able to provide insurance protection for your crypto assets. Yes, this is now possible, it is a unique insurance product that will be able to cover losses of users in the event there is a crypto exchange failing. So basically what this means you are able to focus on investing in the best investment opportunity as the losses part has been taken care of for you.

B.Sure Features

Insurance Fund

The companies insurance fund has been based on the currencies that are obtained from the sales of b.sure tokens. With the growing demand of the crypto market, the fund is also growing; therefore, you are assured it is able to cover all claims that would arise in case of an insured accident.

Limit Of indemnity

The amount of funds that you would like to insure is usually calculated as the current price of the BST-Token X40, that is in BTC.


With the blockchain technology put in place, it has been able to reduce the misuse of insurance funds. It is all thanks to the transparency the technology is able to provide for every transaction that is carried out. In the long run, this is a benefit to both you and the insurance company when it comes to tracking your losses.


In the event that an exchange would stop for more than 30 days, the b.sure platform will immediately refund you all the assets you have insured; this is once you receive the application form the client. So what this company is telling you, nothing can be lost as they have you covered, so this helps in focusing your energy on investing instead.

How B.Sure Crypto Asset Insurance Protection Works

The BST Token, which is also called the B.SURE Token, is the means used for paying out any insurance premium, which means the insurance fund will emerge from the sales of tokens. If you are interested with this promising platform, this is how you would go about it.

The first step is purchasing the b.sure token. The resources that have been collected are what will make up the insurance fund. And immediately your crypto trading account has been protected. Once you have the BST Token you are given the freedom to swap your insurance policy at any time you would like.

So when all your crypto assets are safe and secured, you will feel safe in investing in more meaning you are happy as you laugh to the bank. But in the event, something goes wrong in your crypto exchange, and it unfortunately fails, no need to fret as you can receive all the money that you had insured.

B.Sure BST Token ICO Details

B.Sure is launching a pre-ico for their BST token scheduled to start on 04/30/18. For those who invest during the pre-ico stage, the company is offering a 20% bonus. The main ICO is scheduled to start on 05/15/18.

  • Token Name: BST
  • Token standard: ERC20
  • Soft Cap: $7.4 million
  • Hard Cap: $32.4 million
  • Total supply: 1,100,000 BST
  • Token Pre-ICO price: 0.00448 BTC

B.Sure Conclusion

If this platform does not sound like good news to you, we are not sure what will. Getting your crypto assets insured is the next best thing that this growing market has been able to offer us as investors, so go ahead and purchase your b.sure tokens and get secure.

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