B-Umbrella ICO

B-Umbrella: Blockchain’s Version of Security Services

The adoption of security services and systems is increasingly becoming popular with the rise of crime and other forms of illegal activities happening across the globe. Not to mention, the increase in terrorism now necessitate the surge we are witnessing within the security services world. The recent examples of terror attacks and breaches are an apparent show of the inability of our current security strategies.

In return, this calls for a transparent approach to have the population connecting on an independent system and sharing security information and services. While we might be still talking about how we can resolve our security services, one venture is on course to offer a coherent solution that will satisfy the varying users, and firms’' requirements.

What is B-Umbrella?

B-Umbrella is a decentralized blockchain platform that plans to connect the different players within the security sector. The venture intends to create a collaboration between people in need of security services and the providers. The interaction between the security specialist and clients will occur through the use of security agreements that will only involve the two parties.

Consequently, that means only two parties can partake in the security deal, as there is no need for an intermediary. All this is set to take place within the P2P network that B-Umbrella provides. The platform further utilizes cryptocurrency and smart contract technology to allow for minimal mishandling of the security contracts and the security of the personal data of the users and security firms.

How it Functions

The B-Umbrella structure works through three layers that facilitate the whole platform's operations. These structures consist of

  • A blockchain layer- the decentralized nature allows for user interaction, transactions and the storage of their personal information.
  • Cloud-based layer- with its semi-centralized model, this layer allows the functions and features less prone to data breaches, hacks or leaks

The concept entails the user to place an advert sign for a possible need for a security job. If not the user can still peruse through the executor's board to identify any profile that matches his or her requirements.  Once a match is apparent, the registered user takes the liberty to offer the security agreement in which acceptance will have a binding cause for both the parties. In short, the self-executing contract will only happen once the security services take full realization.

The Structure Within B-Umbrella

  • User Interface- a free and public UI with a guide and a customer support bot
  • Clients and executors- comprises of those in need of the security services and those who are set to provide them.
  • News and notifications- read the latest regarding your bids, leading services, and other marketplace information
  • Chat room- users, service providers and visitors can interact, exchange contacts and services through the chatting application.

Pros of Using B-Umbrella

  • Anonymity- the B-Umbrella allows an entirely secret model for the transaction to maintain the privacy of the details and any other sensitive user data.
  • Multiple functionalities- various security services are under one platform
  • Advanced marketing strategies- security services vendors can become innovative in how they advertise their services.
  • Convenience- the peer-to-peer structure allows for a faster exchange of the services. The architecture also improves the working efficiency.
  • Help find security services for hire- rather than using the traditional security services, B-Umbrella can match the clients to the vendors.

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