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B21 Cryptocurrency Asset Investment Platform Mobile App Launches

B21 is a crypto asset investment platform created for mobile users. The application which is available in both iOS and Android, gives a user the freedom of creating their own cryptocurrencies. Some of the cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin and EOS.

Uses Of B21 Application

Consumers using B21 can be able to set goals, make contributions and monitor their progress through this platform. This platform has an easy-to-understand dashboard that enables users to navigate easily. In addition, B21 offers investment advice powered by Al that gives the users insights regarding their individual tokens. Such advice enables users to create portfolios that are tailored to the risk preferences and investment goals. The service is planning to expand its wings to include high-net-worth customers.

The team at B21 came up with crypto-linked debit cards. These cards have been implemented by leaders in the industry that is cryptocurrency wallet and exchange operators. The team is working towards delivering a world-class cryptocurrency investment platform.

The Achievements Of B21

B21 Company has managed to hold eight patents mainly in the mobile payment and payment processing areas. It has collaborated with established companies such as PayPal, Sprint and First American. The company has also managed to bring on-board season advisers in the field.

Brock Pierce, Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation is one of the main advisors. Scott Walker the founder and CEO of CoinStreet and Crystal Rose the CEO of Sensay play a critical role in guiding the company.

Application Of The Custodial License

B21 Company has gone a step further and applied for the custodial license. The license is in line with the government regulations of protecting the customer assets. In addition, the customer and company funds will be differentiated and transactional records will be checked for accuracy. The main implication of B21 Company acting as a custodian will eliminate the need for customers to hold their own private keys. For transparency purposes, data will be published on the EOS blockchain platform.

The Eponymous Token

The eponymous token by the company will be used as a form of settlement. Customers using the B21 platform and those using B21 ecosystem can be able to use this token for settlement purposes. Apart from settling fees, the users can use it to reward referrals coming on board. This token will be made available from June 2018.



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