This is considered to be your personal wealth manager for all your crypto assets. And They have the main goal of removing the complex processes out of cryptocurrency investing. The private token sale started on March 27th of 2018. And if you want more information you can get it by entering your email on the company website and getting in on their newsletter.

How Does B21 Work?

The goal of the company is to introduce cryptocurrency investing to newbies and veteran crypto investors by making and managing different cryptocurrency asset plants. They make it incredibly easy to start investing in different assets within the cryptocurrency space and manage all your personal wealth goals without worry or fret.

And you can watch the full-length video on the company website that is designed to explain the new opportunity and show you how you can benefit from investing in cryptocurrencies with the help of B21.

Almost everyone has heard of Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies, but to most people it’s so complicated, it’s scary for them get started in investing. But with B21, they make it easy for new people to start investing with real goals being able to be achieved. All you need to do is pick a number on how much you want to invest and start going for it. You’ll also need to decide how many times a month you want to add funds to your goal. And with the B21 platform, only one account is needed to manage your entire crypto-asset portfolio.

What Is The ICO On B21?

The company is more focused on the growth of investments. They claim if you want to gain $15,000 in one year, you can start with $2,000 and add just $200 each month. While the numbers sound great, there is no information backing up this bold claim. It’s highly unlikely that everyone will get results or ROIs to support these numbers.

The team promises they will securely manage your portfolio with 70% of it being made of the top 5 coins, 15% of it being made of sector coins, and 15% of it being made of startup coins. I’m not sure why you couldn’t just do this yourself if these are the solid numbers they’re using to create investment portfolios.

To start it’s simple, create an account and setup an investment goal. Then after you have your goal, decide what you will invest today and how much you’ll want to add each month. Next, choose your coins you want to participate in.

Then you can use the easy to understand and navigate dashboard to help you see your portfolio, see your gains on investments and check the returns in the currency you choose is best for you. You can update your personal goal instantly at anytime and change our investment allocations as well as assets you want to invest in, no questions asked.

Lastly, you can cash out whenever you want, or wait until you have achieved all your goals.

Who Is Behind B21?

Mile Paschini is the Founder of the Company and has a verified LinkedIn Profile. You can learn more about him on the company website. He is an entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience in building innovative businesses in mobile and financial services.

There are four more team members who are the heads of the company, each with a ton of experience in related sectors. Along with them, there are also investors and advisors who are ensuring the company moves forward seamlessly. Together, all of them are ready to make the company something that will likely help a lot of people and stand out from the rest.

B21 In Conclusion

The company has a verified team which is huge, but in reality – they showed their investment strategy which is 70% to the top 5 cryptocurrencies, 5% to new sector coins, and 15% to startup coins. Anyone could easily do this without the need of B21. But if you’re so intimidated by cryptocurrency that you’re afraid to do it, I would say investing with B21 isn’t going to be much better. Do the work, learn the ropes and you can invest for yourself, instead of having to pay B21 to do it for you.

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