Traditional advertising models do not fully please modish needs of potential advertisers. Blockchain technology represents an exceptional solution for this problem. The revolutionary concept creates advertisers out of consumers and generates peer-to-peer advertising earnings through blockchain award and referral systems. Due to the blockchain specific nature of enforced rules, advertising transforms into a maximally transparent field. Reward systems tokenization provides additional incentives for participation in peer-to-peer advertising, thus, becoming one of the fundamental enhancement drivers for campaigns.

B2AND is a cloud-based online platform which provides easy-to-use and scalable services through viral marketing via marketing campaigns in an innovative and extremely effective way.

About B2AND

B2AND is a decentralized eco-system that is based on their own platform which relies on the decentralized architecture on Ethereum blockchain supported by the B2AND token. An important advantage of B2AND platform is the freedom for advertisers to create and launch their campaigns anytime. They can establish rewards without integration or development requirements and run these campaigns independently or along a marketing channel of their choice.

The B2AND decentralized eco-system will be transformed through four generations, whereas 1st generation B2AND platform has already been deployed.

What Does The Future B2AND Platform Look?

1st Generation

Which is live now is distributed by E-mail messages. All referrals happen from the campaign landing page and the campaign rewards are chosen by individual advertisers. All payments can be done by Credit Card or PayPal.

2nd Generation

It will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2018. Even this version will be distributed by E-mails and referrals will be made from campaign landing page. However, from this version, B2AND tokens will start coming into effect. They can be used to pay for the campaign, used as rewards and B2AND wallet can be used to hold the tokens.

3rd generation

The B2AND platform will be launched in the second quarter of 2019. This version will be distributed by mobile push messages and the referrals process can be done without going to the campaign landing page. B2AND API will be developed so that advertisers can create campaigns through third-party fronts. Smart contracts will come to effect in this version.

4th generation

It Will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2019. Basic functionalities will be same as the 3rd version. Campaign tracking will be deployed on blockchain with a separate tracking token which will not have any commercial value.

B2AND ICO Token Sale

The tokens are based on standard ERC20 protocol and on Ethereum blockchain. A total of 100 million tokens will be issued, of which 65% will go on the token sale, 9% will be allocated to the B2ANd team who have helped develop the product, 4% is issued to partners and advertisers, 2% for bounties and 20% is reserved for emergency circumstances. There is a 6 months vesting period for the tokens issued to Partners, Advisors and the Team.

The funds raised will be distributed as follows:

  • 45% will go to the research and development of the platform
  • 30% will be allocated for sales and marketing, plus promotional expenses
  • 10 % will be utilized in day to day operations
  • 5% will be administered for acquisitions and partnerships
  • 4% is for legal expenses
  • 4% for miscellaneous expense
  • 2% is for their Bounty program.

Bonus program for the first week is 30%, 2nd week is 25% and 3rd week is 20%.

B2AND ICO Conclusion

B2AND wants to revolutionize the Internet advertising industry which is worth more than 80 billion USD right now and continues to grow about 20% every year. Their business model looks sound but the execution of the strategies will depend on the competency of the team.

To find out more about the platform and its token visit their website .

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