At any mention of cryptocurrency, the Blockchain technology will likely come to mind. Being an undeniably ground-breaking invention, it is definitely a game changer in the crypto world. It has disrupted the financial world the same way Netflix disrupted the film industry. But not everyone has a grasp of what this disruptive technology actually is.

The Blockchain refers to an incorruptible digital ledger of financial transactions programmed to record and update with each occurrence of valuable activities. To the cryptocurrency investors, it is the new “internet” that will change the course of business over the next few decades.

Still don’t get it? This is where B9Lab comes in.

What Is B9Lab?

B9Lab is an online academy that delivers online courses in technical education to developers and decision makers through reading material, screencasts, videos, and exercises. It offers graded midterm and final exams to students to ensure good performance. The academy develops new and extremely in-depth content on a weekly basis for anyone keen on getting the technological education around Blockchain development and strategies.

For people seeking to create or design systems around the disruptive technological invention, the Blockchain developers’ course is a brilliant start. B9Lab offers an in-depth walk-in technical education to Blockchain innovators through workshops. For strategic decision makers and activists seeking knowledge on how the technology will shape the future and how to ethically and strategically position themselves in that future marketplace, the B9Lab offers the online Blockchain business strategy courses. But education alone is not enough.

Beyond education, the online academy offers advisory services that will help individuals and organizations navigate the Blockchain world. They walk hand in hand with businesses to plan proof-of-concept experimentation and provide valuable assistance in validating projects and business ideas.

To offer excellent education and advisory services around the Blockchain technology, B9Lab conducts extensive research activity. Exploring social impact and ethical consideration around Blockchain, the academy seeks to understand what drives the technology, its impact on society and what the Blockchain means in the financial world in relation to insurance and other financial instruments.

B9Lab Activities

The activities of B9Lab revolves around the following values:


The academy does not work on assumptions. Instead, they seek to find solutions based on small experiments to validate those assumptions.


With increased knowledge, exposure and use of the Blockchain technology, finding and working with the right stakeholders becomes more difficult if the list of teams involved is long. B9Lab is independent.


B9Lab appreciates that there are different approaches to the Blockchain ecosystem. Driven by honesty and integrity they seek to truthfully tell you whether or not your approach to the Blockchain technology makes sense.

Why B9Lab Online Blockchain Academy & dApps Training?

The online academy offers quality education delivered at your own pace and with the help of B9Lab experienced tutors. At the end of the course, you will obtain a Blockchain certificate verified through the Ethereum Network that you can integrate into your LinkedIn Profile for your connections to see and verify.

B9lab Final Thoughts

You have no reason to wait. Don’t wallow in ignorance. Start your Blockchain journey now.

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