There is huge adaption problem that is preventing cryptocurrencies in going mainstream. The last barriers to mass market adoption will be removed when cryptocurrencies will become embedded into everyday commerce. What if you could pay for a cup of coffee using Bitcoin or Ethereum without requiring the merchant to change their point of sale equipment?

BaapPay is enabling universal merchant acceptance of cryptocurrencies which will greatly accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrency and will tap into the existing ecosystem of global commerce both in store and online.

What Is BaapPay?

BaapPay is a multilayered platform which features a payment gateway, point of sale software and their own BaapWorld app store. This is aimed to further the adoption process of cryptocurrencies and make it seamless for buying, selling and trading cryptocurrencies in everyone’s day to day life. Their payment gateway is a PayPal like interface that allows merchants to collect fiat or cryptocurrency payment for their goods and services. They also accept debit/credit card payment from brick and mortar and eCommerce stores alike. Merchants have access to their web-based POS system. This POS integrates both fiat and crypto into sales accounting, inventory, loyalty tools and enable them to track employees. Their Android based BaapWorld app store is available for developers to utilize.

They have a Smart Terminal which is an android-based 5.5 inch capacitive touch screen with features like GPS, Bluetooth, Barcode Scanner, Thermal printer and 4G/Wifi capabilities.

BaapPay Fiat & Cryptocurrency Merchant Payment Features

  • BaapPay will support all major cryptocurrencies, such as ETH, BTC, LTC, XRP, BCH and their own token(BAAP).
  • Peer to Peer transactions for both fiat and cryptocurrencies.
  • Online purchases support credit/debit cards or payments in cryptocurrency.
  • BaapPay connects Credit/Debit card, cryptocurrencies and Bank accounts into one account interface. This enables BaapPay account holders to transfer money to other account holders.
  • Merchants have a choice to either automatically convert the cryptocurrency into fiat or keep the cryptocurrency.
  • Sellers will be able to integrate BaapPay to their products through a SDK.

BaapPay BAAP ICO Details

94 million BAAP token will be available for public sale to further advance and promote their platform. Their Pre sale starts on 1st March, 2018 and ends on the 10th. On 10th March, 2018 theri Token sales starts which gets over on 13th April. It is a standard ERC20 token and is on Ethereum platform. Price in ICO of 4200 BAAP is 1 ETH.

Token Allocation:

40% of the tokens will be allocated to contributors in Pre-token and Token Sale. 25% goes in the liquidity pool. 10% of the tokens are allocated to future development and the founding team each. Tragic partnership is allocated 6 % of the tokens, banking partners are given 5% and advisors and ambassadors take 3%. 1% is reserved for Bounty.

Fund Allocation:

Platform development will utilize 55% of the funds. Marketing and Customer acquisition will share 35%. Operational costs will cost about 10% of the funds while 5% will go in the legal fees.

BaapPay Conclusion

Founded by Sukhpreet Singh with the initial intentions to incorporate fiat and crypto, BaapPay is led by a very strong team from people experienced in Tech, Business Development, Finance, Sales and /Marketing. Their efforts to make POS easier for merchants and consumers is the necessity of the hour for mass cryptocurrency adoption.

You can learn more about them on their website at


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