Babacoin Babashare

Babacoin endeavors to provide the services to those that have joined BABACOIN. The team behind this project wants to bring as much innovation as possible to the crypto world. They truly believe that the crypto world will be driven by innovation. That is why they created their two platforms one coin solution. The members of Babacoin are already experiencing these benefits.

The Babshare Innovation

Babashare is the team’s latest innovation. It comes in the form of the Eshare coin. The Babashare platform will let leaders get a percentage of the global profits that come from seven nations. Babashare is one of the features incorporated into the Babacoin. Besides getting bonuses from the Bababot, the team has an Eshare plan where members can get additional bonuses at SPLIT.

Babashare is different from Bababot. The members that wish to take part in Babashare must be part of the Bababot plan first. From as low as $1 the members can buy the Babashare using dollars or their Babacoin from the internal exchange.

To achieve SPLIT, the global market needs to buy 5000 E-Share from the Babashare platform. After the SPLIT, the members will benefit from profit sharing bonus of 1% of all capital in Babashare. This will go on until the price hits the $2 mark. They will then go back to the original stage to achieve $1 once more.

Babashare Coin Eshare Global Profit Sharing Levels

Babashare has several investment plans. These are:

  • Silver Level- Starts at $10
  • Gold Level- Starts at $500
  • Platinum Level- Starts at $1000
  • The VIP Level- Start at $10,000
  • The VVIP Level- Starts at $20,000
  • The VVIP 1 Level- Starts at $25,000

All the levels come with a specification that includes how many bonuses one can get from each level. In essence, the more you spend, the bigger the bonuses that you will get. Babashare is going to launch on September 9, 2018.

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