What Is Babacoin?

BABAcoin is a collective peer-to-peer crypto community that is open-source and decentralized. It focuses on providing a variety of investment opportunities for its users and aims at supporting the principle of independence.

The platform is generated to be secure, safe, and fair for all members. The platform equates its working to that of a father in a family and strives to provide each of its members a better living and future. The main mission of the platform is to make worldwide successful leaders.

Babacoin Pillars

Five pillars guide BABAcoin:

Commitment 50

This means that every person on the system can contribute to the success of 50 other persons through BABAcoin.

Talk 5 Times

Every member of the platform is obliged to talk about it at least five times each day by either posting it online on YouTube and social media or even offline platforms.

Trace Of Life

Members of BABAcoin are expected to create a life trail from results they get on the platform by giving back to the community in terms of charity events and helping out family.

I Am BABAcoin

Leaders and members of BABAcoin in every country is expected to make an outfit as a model with the words BABAcoin encrypted on them to show support.

Your Success Is My Success

This means that no one is rich not unless he makes others rich too. Members are advised to invite other people on the platform and at the same time, they will be benefiting on their own.

How Babacoin Next Generation Blockchain Community Works

The platform has a special program known as BABABot that is generated for promoters, leaders, and all investors of the platform. To participate in the program, members purchase BABAchip as an investment box on the platform.

The program is designed in that all members can start to get their investment returns on the second day after their investment is made. Through BABABot, members of the platform can take back their capital returns in a period of less than three weeks. BABABot uses a binary system that ensures bonuses are calculated instantly and issued to members.

The platforms token are referred to as BABA and are issued during the platform's Initial Coin Offering. Members can acquire the tokens and use them for investment opportunities on the platform. Members can trade their coins for other coins through the platform's exclusive internal exchanger.

Babacoin Benefits

Early Contribution

Each member of the platform are given an opportunity for early contribution through the pre ICO and the ICO opportunities offered. Early members get coins at low prices.

BABABot Program

Through the program, members can get bonuses and returns on the day that follows their investment. It is built on the concept of Fast return and Fast income. Through the program, members will have more trust on the workings of the platform.

Binary Network Program

Through the binary system, members can work with each other so as to get bigger bonuses. The binary system is safer since the platform uses its own coins and the members are paid in dollars.

Babacoin BABA Token ICO Details

  • Token symbol: BABA
  • Token sale date: 2018-06-01 to 2018-06-06
  • Accepted payment method: BTC and ETH
  • Total token supply: 22,000,000
  • ICO: 5 stages each 500,000 BABA

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