Presently, the crypto space offers different modes of investments. The predominant include either exchanging fiat currencies into digital currencies and vice versa or transacting purely in crypto assets such as Bitcoin and altcoins. While the latter option has proven to be successful, there arare underlying problems that are impeding this option from maximizing its potential.

Investors who possess insufficient information regarding the major cryptos such as Bitcoin usually find hard to invest in smaller projects, i.e. ERC20 tokens and upcoming altcoins. The primary reason behind this is the necessity of first having to purchase Bitcoin before exchanging it into an inferior altcoins on another exchange. As a result, the situational price of the Bitcoin has a significant bearing on the price of assets, since it is a crucial intermediary in the trading of the same.

What Is BACE Exchange?

The Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Exchange (BACE) aims to change this culture by embracing transparency and creating a direct connection to the alternative markets. In this regard, the firm will create a revolutionary platform that will attract both investment companies and individual traders. Also, the platform will have a universally accessible crypto exchange which allows investors to directly invest in assets.

Recently, the proliferation of ICOs has become the order of the day. It takes a meticulous eye to tell between a genuine and a scamming project. Luckily, the BACE token will only be compatible with verified ICOs, thus averting cases of money loss.

BACE Exchange Crypto Asset Trading Features

The BACE platform is one of the fastest in the sector, with a capability of handling a million orders per second. Furthermore, the engine is both flexible and extensible, reducing the chance of hanging as result of an overload of requests. Consequently, the turnaround times are remarkably fast.

As of now, the BACE platform offers the following services:

  • Fiat to asset trading
  • Fiat/ BACE token/ ICO investing
  • Deposit and withdrawal of fiat currencies
  • Lists of new projects and assets
  • Advanced and customized APIs

Regarding assets, the platform supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, RippleEthereum, BACE, and the US Dollar. Each month, the asset base will grow by at least one additional token.

BACE Exchange BACE Coin

As a step towards realizing its objectives, the BACE exchange will conduct an ICO and create the BACE coin. In addition to the functions mentioned earlier, this ERC20 token will provide financial security to the BACE exchange. Holders of this coin will be automatically inducted to the affiliate program

BACE Exchange BACE ICO Details

A total of 100 million BACE coins will be created for the ICO. Out of these, 70 million will be availed to the public, 20 million to the BACE leadership, and the remainder to the project’s advisors and investors.

The crowdsale is divided into two phases, the presale and the ICO proper. Only ETH and BACE will be eligible during the crowdsale.

The presale will kick off on 2nd April 2018 and end on the 23rd of the same month. Immediately afterwards, the ICO, scheduled to end 28th May, will commence.

Distribution of Funds

Platform development will take up 50% of the proceeds from the ICO. Marketing will get 35%, with the remainder being shared between legal services and the reserves.

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