Baidu Reveals Blockchain Photo Platform Called Totem

The service is being called Totem and went online on April 11, 2018. It uses blockchain to timestamp submissions of each photograph from a user with a real-name identity and store data associated with the images on a distributed network.

The company’s existing AI capacities which includes image analysis and semantic understanding, will feed into the construction of unique image tags, with the underlying Blockchain system allowing circulating images to be traced, reproduced, and monitored in order to substantiate or refute allegations of copyright infringement. Traditional stock photo services like Getty Images, Visual China Group have already partnered with the platform.

It still remains unclear whether the Totem platform is being built on a public blockchain or a private one. Earlier this year the firm introduced its blockchain-as-a-service platform, Laici Go which was dubbed as a knock-off of CryptoKittes.

Any Downsides To Using Blockchain For Image Rights Protection?

Although this technology is an essential tool for improving transparency and security, if given in the wrong hands it is a recipe for disaster. Assuming the Chinese government or any other authoritative bad actors possess the admin privileges of this platform, they will not only get the access to the names of the owners but an easy way to prosecute them.

A lot of technology firms have been leveraging blockchain technology to solve the intellectual property issue for digital media assets. In recent months Kodak, US most prominent imaging technology firm, had made headlines by claiming it would use blockchain technology to underpin the unique property rights of photograph ownership.

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