Baikalika BKL Coin

BAIKALIKA embraces blockchain technologies for Baikal water mining and distribution. In today’s tech-focused world, we forget to care about some of the earth’s natural resources such as water. In many instances, man exploits nature for his own benefits, not taking into account the consequences it would have on the coming generations.

While we keep using nature’s limited resources, we fail to think about those who would face the results of our careless actions.

Baikalika and Blockchain Technology

Research reveals that a greater part of the world will be deficient of safe, pure drinking water by 2025. Regions at risk include China, South East Asia, Middle East, and Africa. Against this backdrop, BAIKALIKA extracts the deep-layer water from the Lake Baikal and works on the promotion of BAIKALIKA in the most water-deficient regions of the world.

Baikalika has combined the latest blockchain technology with the water extraction and distribution. The Baikalika project aims to provide a stable supply of pure drinking water to consumers and offers a great opportunity for the BAIKLIKA token holders to earn profits.

What You Need to Know

Experienced Water Producer:

Baikalika is already engaged in water business. The company mines and sells water from the Lake Baikal. Funds generated from the BAIKALIKA project will go towards expanding the scope of operations to supply token-holders.

Advanced Technology:

The company uses the Blockchain technology to manage BAIKALIKA tokens operations through smart contracts. The solution is based on the proof of stake model, which guarantees transparency and safety for the BAIKALIKA token owners.

Growing Token Value:

There are higher chances that the BAIKALIKA token value will grow. The buy-back program for token holders assumes that the volume of the tokens available on the market will reduce with time. This will affect the token’s price and liquidity positively.

How Baikalika BKL Coin Works

Baikalika mines and accumulates pure drinking water from the Lake Baikal on behalf of a token holder. It then delivers it to a warehouse in China, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, or Africa.

Benefits to the Token Holder

The BAIKALIKA token holder will get the following benefits:

  • Personal water consumption
  • The option to sell water to a retail store or to Baikalika
  • The ability to sell the token on a crypto exchange or o Baikalika
  • The token value growth is driven by the buy-back program and token burn

The Baikalika Pure Drinking Water

The BAIKALIKA pure drinking water is extracted three kilometers (nearly 1.6 miles) from the shore and from a 400-meter depth. The mining technology ensures that the water is purely unique and safe for human consumption. The water features the best combination of properties of natural water, which includes flawless purity, high hydrogen and oxygen saturation, a complete absence of heavy metals, and a pH value that is recommended for human blood.

Baikalika BKL Coin Summary

Currently, BAIKALIKA is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site, recognized as a world-known brand. The production is environmentally sound, as confirmed by the UNESCO certification. As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the project will allocate a given portion of the profit to non-governmental and governmental entities. This will go to the perseveration and development of the Baikal natural territory and the Lake Baikal.

The BAIKALIKA crowdsale starts on March 20, 2018.

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