What Is Bailsman?

Bailsman is a new blockchain solution for people who need a security deposit solution. This platform was specially created for the people who do not have a lot of money or prefer to spend them in other types of activities. This company provides a third party guarantee that you have your deposit while the client only has to pay a fee monthly.

The company has 100% chances of actually paying the merchants while the clients will definitely be able to spend their money as they want. This is a millionaire industry and that is why this company has decided to invest in it and to offer excellent options for the people who are interested in services like this one.

Bailsman Features

This company has some important features for the people who use it. One of these features is that it is very easy access to what the company is offering. You can log on the app via your phone, so you can manage your account in any place of the world without any type of restriction. Even if you are abroad, Balisman will continue to work normally.

Another important feature is that your identity is always guaranteed and protected via the blockchain technology. The claim process is very simplified and you can pay by pressing a single button. You can also get other people as co-applicants if your credit rating is not very good or you if do not want the responsibility by yourself.

How Bailsman Blockchain Security Deposit Exchange Works

Bailsman works using a combination of the Ethereum and the KSI technology. All the transactions are created on the Ethereum blockchain, which means that they are fully open and the KSI is used as a security protocol to ensure the safety of the clients of the company.

The clients always have full control over their data and who is able to see it, but the transactions are traceable and identifiable, which creates trust in the ecosystem. The software is 100% manipulation-free. The company expects to become one of the major players in the universal guarantee-providing business in the near future with its technology

The app will be launched only at the end of 2018. The company is already planning its expansion to Finland and Sweden (Q4 2018), Germany (Q1 2019), the United Kingdom (Q2 2019) and to other European countries after that.

After this, the company intends to start offering more services in a wider range of segments like guarantees for daily purchases and other services. The founders of Bailsman are also evaluating the possibility of creating third party partnerships with other companies to create a wider range of services that can be used by the clients of both companies.

Bailsman BAILS Token ICO Details

The BAILS tokens are being sold by Bailsman to fund the development of the company. The ICO sale of BAILS started on May 16 and it keeps going on July 1, so you still have time to buy them if you want to.

A total of 2,000,000,000 BAILS tokens will be sold during the ICO at a price of 0.03 EUR per BAILS token. The hard cap of this phase will be 60,000,000 EUR. You can use BTC, ETH, BCH and LTC to pay. While 51% of the tokens are being sold right now, 8% will go to the founders, 33% to the foundation, 2% to a community pool and 6% do advisors.

Who Is Behind Bailsman?

The executive team of the company is formed by the following professionals: James Oates (CEO), Indrek Rand (COO, Co-Founder), Priit Puppart (Chairman, Co-founder), Reimo Hammerberg (legal), Oleg Surogin (CTO) and Kadri Salus (CMO).

Bailsman has many advisors. They are Peter Phillips-Minet (Executive Director at Goldman Sachs), Arti Ots (CEO at Kcell Kaido), Saar Former (CEO at Bigbank), Marek Pajusaar (Head of Risk and Control at Change Finance), Kaarel Loigu (Chief Credit Officer at Versobank) and Indrek Vilms (Founder of SupplierPlus).

Other important advisors are Anton Gans (Managing Partner at Zenith Capital Management), Kalev Reiljan (COO at Division X), , Telia Kätlin (Senior Associate at Sorainen Law Firm), Mike Gault (CEO at Guardtime), Teddi Rull (Co-Founder at Agrello Foundation), Mike Raitsyn (Co-Founder of ICOBox).

Bailsman Verdict

Bailsman is a certainly a very well structured company that was made by people who seem to know what they are doing. It is our understanding that this company has potential for growth and, thus, it is not a bad choice of investment if you are looking for a start-up that is aiming at a type of business that is still not completely overcrowded.

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