Balehu Bucks

Balehu Bucks is setting out to create a platform that offers cohesion between buyers and sellers on a local level. They provide local retailers and providers the ability to connect through a mechanism that is both accessible and affordable.

Leveraging the latest advancements in intelligence technology, Balehu leaves merchants and consumers transparent and accessible for one another.

As these communities develop around their native cryptocurrency, the BUX coin, and its associated benefits system, BalehuBucks provides and sustains relationships in a monetary ecosystem that eliminates the friction of onboarding and thus consolidates the most important facets in retail: confidence and loyalty.

The all-in-one platform optimizes local search, enables retailers to post content directly to social, and gives customer insight via actionable intelligence. The 31-year-old CEO has already grown the company to several hundred customers, but another phase promises to become even more exciting: injecting Balehu with a blockchain-based token system created to benefit the local retailer and consumer community.

The BalehuBux Token (BUX) And Business Opportunity

Because Balehu Bucks believes in the worth of local businesses, their platform and strategy are intended to reward both merchants and customers who engage with each other in their own neighborhoods. The Balehu reward engine utilizes decentralized blockchain technologies to infuse local commerce with value.

The cryptocurrency token, named BalehuBucks (BUX), is a novel approach to combining loyalty rewards along with a local advertising system. Nearly all (96%) of millennials currently take part in at least one restaurant rewards program. But, rewards programs which aren't predicated on blockchain technology are essentially meaningless since the points are not able to be traded.

Much like Bitcoin or Ethereum, Balehu Bucks are based on a distributed ledger protocol called a blockchain, which ensures security, transparency, as well as solitude at the individual level. Balehu Merchants are streamlined with targeted advertising opportunities with their local customer base, a dedication incentive system based on actual price, and an analytical engine providing key insights into further aim their advertising efforts.

The advertising market for local business is presently dominated by ineffective platforms such as Yelp, Facebook and Terrible mediums such as the Yellow Pages. Decentralizing this business will change the equilibrium of electricity from mega-corporations back to local businesses and advertisers, where the actual value has been created. Balehu's token pre-sale starts on December 1st with the full ICO launch scheduled for February 1st of next year.

About Balehu Bucks

Founded in 2015, Denver-based Balehu has been created to enable small and local companies to succeed in today's digital landscape. BalehuBiz digital advertising solutions give social media management and data analytics, even while their AI-powered BalehuBot mobile app helps attract new customers in the door.

Balehu Bucks is continuing their commitment to assisting merchants leverage the latest technologies by using their upcoming ICO of BalehuBucks, an ethereum-based token that will function as a digital money in addition to a loyalty rewards platform.

Balehu Bucks Summary

Balehu Bucks is an emerging platform which could help change the way that buyers and sellers conduct transactions on a local level. It claims to be both accessible and affordable whilst facilitating trade as a low cost model.

More details about Balehu can be found on the company’s website.

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