Baltic Blockchain Fund

It is incredible the amount of advice that entrepreneurs receive on how to approach venture capitalists. In fact, some venture capitalists put out booklets, and do seminars to teach people how to contact them, because supposedly they are so busy they don't have time to talk to anyone.

That is unless you have a significant invention patent sitting in their hip pocket. However, the invention of blockchain-based startup funding is creating a safe and no contact channel for venture capitalists to connect with startups. The capabilities of the technology are proving promising in helping startups find investors without too much effort and in a safer manner. Read on about the blockchain venture capitalist firm that is assisting IT initiatives.

What Is Baltic Blockchain Fund?

Baltic Fund is a blockchain and ventures capitalist platform that plans to change the mode of our existing startup acceleration scene. Through the use of the Baltic Fund token (BALT), the platform will help support startups in their growth and development and consequently get rewards in the form of products, revenue or perks. The funding is set to go towards obtaining unique innovations from CEE and CIS startups. That will include investing in cyber security, robotics, enterprise software, artificial intelligence, blockchain ventures, and fintech.

How Baltic Blockchain Fund Works

For the startups to receive funding, they would first have to register on the platform and post their proposal to the token investors. That will include how many tokens they need, and for what purpose. The form should also indicate what the backers of the project would get in return. Whether products, services, loans or a partnership. If an investor sees your idea is fit, you get to receive their donations through distribution by Baltic Fund.

Baltic Blockchain Fund BALT Token Investment Benefits

Protection From Anti-Dumping Mechanism-

The lack of bounty tokens in the initial phase prevents investors from cashing in on the low token prices. And although they only make 10% of the total, it helps ensure the investor's value conservation at the beginning of the ICO.

Access To Startup Labs-

The Baltic Fund ecosystem will provide ventures with developers, PR, analysts, designers or engineers on demand. These professionals can help the businesses to deal with critical issues more cheaply and conveniently.

Easier Funding-

No need to physically meet your investors as Baltic Fund acts on your behalf. Investors also get to choose which stage of the startup they would like to support.


Participation in tech events is also part of the platform. Members can meet and make new partnerships, customers, mentors or expertise from their respective markets.

Baltic Blockchain Fund Downside

While bonus offer on the token seems enticing, it is not available for all investors. The ICO will aim to reward only high-value investors. These batch of investors will get access to the bonuses and token discounts in the ICO as a way of encouraging long-term investors with quality input to the project.

Baltic Blockchain Fund ICO Conclusion

As a blockchain innovation, Baltic Fund will accommodate all tech startups which seek to grow throughout the EU and USA markets. With the platform, the tech firms can expect to have their channel for connecting to investors and advisors, whereas also have facilities for prototyping for the hardware startups. Baltic Fund’s initiative could go a long way in building tech innovations.

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