Every day an increasing number of people want to get involved in cryptocurrencies but most of them lack the technical understanding or time to make educated decisions. The risks are as high as the rewards and the barriers to entry are very high too. Buying and understanding cryptocurrencies are complex and risky. We need to find ways for people to be able to access high investments that only the rich had previous access to and people should be aware of the risks that they are being involved in. Bamboo has a solution to the problem.

About Bamboo

Bamboo was founded with the goal to make purchasing cryptocurrencies easier. If the blockchain revolution is to enter the mainstream, it should be convenient for the masses to enter the ecosystem. Now, with Bamboo, anyone with just a mobile phone and a bank account, anyone can get started with as little as $1.

They are a micro-savings platform which rounds up your spare change from the past month’s purchases and invests it in diversified blockchain holdings. Even though their core focus is microsavings, the Bamboo platform allows manual contribution too.

Bamboo uses state-of-the-art security measures when handling a user’s information and blockchain assets. They take a multi-layered approach of electronic, procedural and physical controls to fully encrypt and secure storage for the user’s data. The security measures such as External Auditing, Proof of Assets, KYC/AML Compliance and Multi-Factor Login make them one of the most secure platforms in business.

Bamboo Token(BAM)

Bamboo Token is an important part of the Bamboo ecosystem. They increase auditability, reduce the risks of a counterparty, make the platform a true blockchain native, account for the network effect and deliver a borderless unit of account.

BAM tokens are utility tokens built upon the Ethereum blockchain and comply with the ERC20 token standards. More information about the token and token sale will be available later. For now, if you want to participate in their token sale, you can join their Whitelist.

The token sale will not be available for residents of several countries including the United States and China.


Bamboo allows first time investors to have a safe investing process by not going all-in on day one and by incrementally earning trust by investing spare change into the blockchain. This is an essential process to earn the trust of the masses and when the number of people on the platform increase, even the small change can account to be a huge amount. After all drop by drop, you can fill up an entire ocean.

You can learn more about the platform and their token on their website https://getbamboo.io/ .

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