Banano Coin

Meme coins are something which most of the crypto community is familiar with. We have all heard of the most popular ones, Dogecoin. They are a great way to promote cryptocurrency as usually communities around them have huge positive energy and take themselves lightly. After Dogecoin, now it's time for Banano Coin.

What Is Banano Coin?

Banano Coin is a “joke” coin that is forking from well-known cryptocurrency called nano(previously called RaiBlocks). Nano had gotten a lot of attention in December 2017 for its feeless and instant transactions.

It is a model of crowdfunding that allows users to issue a digital token for investments. Banano Coin can be bought using Ethereum and Bitcoin and the price of one token corresponds to 1 kilogram of banana in the international market.

Banano developer and people who wanted to run testnet for a month trying to tweak Nano codebase trying to prepare it for the launch that happened on 1st April(April Fools Day.) The Proof of Work time is tweaked to be faster than Nano and total supply is limited to 3.4 Billion tokens which happen to be 10 times that of Nano.

They are doing the distribution through Airdrops, Faucets, Tipbots etc. A major advantage of Banano Coin is that their owners are not anonymous and can detail about them can be found online.

Banano Coin ICO Details

Banano Coin tokens are utility tokens in the form of a contract for the purchase of goods to be produced in the future. First million BCO will cost $0.25 USD per token while the cost of a token in the main crowd sale event is 0.5 USD. The Banano Coin team is planning to increase their production area to 1,000 hectares in Laos and this ICO is the method of crowdsourcing funds to do the needful. Each token gives the token holders the right to receive profits in accordance with the declared conditions.

There is a fun faucet to collect these tokens. They distribute it by playing arcade-style mini-games. In the game, you play as a monkey that collects Bananas while evading objects. When you reach the finish line, you get Banano Coins credited to your account. The game is available for Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Android. Airdrop is another way to collect free coins.

Banano Coin Banana-Themed Meme Token Conclusion

Banano Coins is aimed at revolutionizing the meme coin crypto world by utilizing the Block-Lettuce architecture and providing instant and feeless transaction. You can learn more about the platform and their token on .

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