Bancor (BNT) Issues Security Breach Warning Message About Potential Wallet Hack

Bancor Experiences Security Breach and the Web App is Down for Maintenance

Today July the 9th, Bancor announced on Twitter that its Web App was down for maintenance.

Everything seemed normal, but a later tweet change all the situation.

The second tweet arrived three hours later after uploading information about what was going on with the Web App.

But of course, even when the situation does not seem to be a total catastrophe it is making worried some users that are asking whether the funds are okay and safe or SAFU as some call it.

During the last years, several companies have been suffering hacks and losing their funds, something that hurt the crypto market.

And of course, the usual scammers appeared after the Tweet was published:

Bancor aims to provide support to the illiquidity that the cryptocurrency market is suffering now. Most of the tokens lack a consistent supply and demand, something that does not allow the market to properly grow. At the moment, this is one of the most important networks in the market and has a market capitalization of $139 million dollars.

At the moment, users are still waiting an official announcement from the company about people’s funds.

As it is always important to remember, check out these articles on how to avoid scams and keep your cryptocurrency safe. We highly recommend getting a cold storage wallet like  LedgerKeepKey or Trezor.

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