Bancor's LiquidEOS Developed EOS Block Producer Voting Tool App For BP Candidacy

Bancor’s LiquidEOS Works Towards Providing External App For Block Producers

It has been recently announced that LiquidEOS, Bancor’s attempt in making EOS more liquid, is working towards creating an external EOS voting application. Block producers worldwide were given the opportunity to vote for or against the project, to which majority gave the green light to take the MainNet Live. As for the results, a tally is yet to be released, but for now, the only information available is the fact that those who voted “Go”, got a result to their likings.

Bancor is a blockchain protocol that allows its users to convert tokens to whatever tokens they like as opposed to exchanges that only have limited options. Their ultimate goal is to provide users with the most liquid network that can ever be attained, while increasing the number of transactions and dApps possible.

Based on the claims made, this attempt was made for the following reasons:

  • Providing a downloadable EOS voting tool is far more efficient and easy to install than having to deal with the command line application
  • It might be using Scatter, an EOS wallet
  • The entirety of trading will be done through private keys, along with additional security measures

Of the points mentioned above, that of Scatter must be emphasized. Scatter is a wallet and open source tool that supposedly has the ability to sign transactions securely using private keys. However, community members are yet to vote it as a “safe voting tool”. To add to this, many came across a message like the following:

“No accounts were found connected to this private key. If you want to import a key which is not generated by Scatter you will need to create an account for the key before importing it.”

It also has been suggested that an alternative to Scatter can also be used for voting processes. This was done to ensure that security is not a concern when block producers are doing their work through external sources. Mainly, the efforts in place were done to prevent negative influences from the likes of toolbars, and botnets.

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