Bank Intellectual Network

The Bankllect Inc. or Bank Intellectual Network is the very first worldwide bank network that is able to give its participants the possibility to earn through peer to peer. Once you see the banking sector joining the blockchain technology, then you are assuring the crypto market is going somewhere. Read on as we explore more on what this platform can offer.

What Is Bank Intellectual Network?

Bank Intellectual Network has been designed as a decentralized peer to peer bank network. The primary goal of this bank is the creation of a unique and a new generation banking ecosystem. It is to ensure that each participant is able to have the possibility of choosing the needed banking service and still be in a position to earn from it.

The main difference that this platform can offer from the current crypto banks in the market, such as Polybius, Change, Crypterium, Bankera, just to name a few, is the services they will offer. Bankllect has proposed a series of bank focused services which will be entirely different to the traditional banking systems that we have been accustomed to.

The design of this system has been made different to ensure participants are able to enjoy the best services the market is able to offer. At the heart of the banks network is the participant. The participant could be a company or just an individual with or without the initial financial capital; this is either the fiat money, tokens or just coins.

With the new technology, which is the Proof of Participation POP, will allow each participant to earn some money by the degree of activity they carry out on the platform, that is the Bankllect network. The motto of the company is to ensure all the participants are paid for their spent lifetime, a platform that is looking to add a little extra coins in your pocket.

Bank Intellectual Network Sphere Coin, Blockchain Bank Solutions

The banking network is striving to be different from all the participants in the market, and from this, they have several solutions that they are ready to offer their participants. We have picked a few to ensure you get a picture of what you can expect while on the platform.

There Is A Micro Loan System Put In Place

The Micro Loan System, also referred to as MLS, has been specially designed for the participants of Bankllect network. The participants who would want first to earn some extra money using their cryptocurrency, or those who would simply want to get some extra cash for their own needs.

A Venture Capital Platform

The Venture Capital Platform, also called VCP, has been specially designed for the development of the crypto market. VCP is able to connect both sides, that is the venture capitalists and the professionals in the market in order to attain a single goal. That is the creation of innovative products that could be used in the crypto market.

There Is A Multicurrency Exchange System

The Multicurrency Exchange System, MES, will allow the various participants to do an exchange from any of the cryptocurrencies that have been presented on the crypto exchange. The transaction can either be done for other coins, or you could simply do it for fiat money.

Bank Intellectual Network SPH Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Symbol: SPH
  • Token Sale Date: 05/31/18
  • Token Price: 1 SPH = 1 US cent
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000
  • Token Standard: Ethereum

Bank Intellectual Network Conclusion

Having the banking sector interested with the crypto market will make the life of an investor much more comfortable and smoother. It also goes to show that this market is growing in the right direction, so as an investor it would be wise to look through the Bankllect platform and see the desirable features it is able to offer you.

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