BANKEX Set To Launch Institutional Grade Asset Tokenization

Many established institutions have been recently hopping on the cryptocurrency bandwagon. BANKEX now wants to capitalize on this trend by providing these institutions a new blockchain-based asset class to bring improved liquidity, efficiency and transparency to entertainment industry investment and financial transactions.

BKX Corp. is a leading bank-as-a-service enterprise and financial technology firm that utilizes the Proof-of-Asset Protocol to allow asset owners to convert and sell their assets as digital products. Using standardized fintech solutions, BKX Corp. aims to bridge the gap between the emerging blockchain sector and traditional finance with neat IT solutions.

BANKEX has the optimal blend of financial and capital markets expertise and a deep understanding and mastery of blockchain and cryptographic software development.

Notably, BANKEX was in the news in the past week for the launch of MovieCoin.

MovieCoin is a next-generation entertainment financing platform built on blockchain technology. The company offers investors an unprecedented opportunity to directly participate in the financing of Hollywood movies and TV shows with complete transparency regarding where their money is spent and how their investments perform. MovieCoin intends to commit $1 billion towards film and entertainment financing over next three years.

Transactions on the MovieCoin platform will be recorded using blockchain technology, which will track rights management on a digital ledger recording every dollar spent and collected. This technology will provide fair and transparent accounting standards for film studios, financiers, producers, talent and other stakeholders.

The CEO of BANKEX Igor Khmel is very confident of the project. He said:

“BANKEX is already working on numerous proofs-of-concept and partnerships with large banks, financial institutions, commodities traders and investment banks. The future of BANKEX is the future of banking; we are taking outdated banking systems, products and services and transforming them into the digital age.”

MovieCoin is only the start and as BANKEX will bring many tokenization projects in cooperation with enterprise partners. Other projects in development include tokens backed by real estate, commodities, custody rights as well as other real assets.

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