Bankorus ICO (BKT Token)

Bankorus, found online at, claims to be the world’s first private wealth management platform powered by AI and built on the blockchain. Find out how it works today in our review.

What is Bankorus?

Bankorus aims to cater to high net worth individuals using blockchain technology.

The platform claims that traditional financial service infrastructure cannot support high net worth individuals, nor can it support the private wealth management firms that advise those individuals, when it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies.

In layman’s terms, there’s no good way for rich people to get involved in cryptocurrencies. Typically, they need to use the same solutions as an ordinary cryptocurrency investor. That’s not ideal.

Bankorus sees that as a problem for multiple reasons. First, these individuals are often the earliest adopters of new asset classes. By preventing these people from taking advantage of cryptocurrencies, we’re delaying the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies. Second, it’s a problem for anyone who wants easier, more convenient access to cryptocurrency investing.

Bankorus defines high net worth individuals, by the way, as individuals or families holding more than $1 million USD in liquidity.

What Problems Does Bankorus Seek to Solve?

Bankorus believes today’s cryptocurrency management platforms don’t cater to high net worth individuals. Some of the specific problems include:

  • Lack of access to cryptocurrencies on modern management platforms
  • Persistent risks of data breaches, something that can have a severe impact on a high net worth individual
  • Costly high-touch processes
  • High compliance costs
  • Inconsistent reporting standards

With these problems in mind, Bankorus aims to simplify the process. They believe there’s an enormous market to be tapped: the world’s high net worth individuals have invested a total of $50 billion into cryptocurrencies. However, the total net worth of these individuals is $60 trillion or more. There’s a lot of money waiting to be invested into crypto.

How Does Bankorus Work?

Bankorus aims to be the world’s first crypto wealth management platform that provides high net worth individuals with a full suite of solutions for accessing crypto with traditional assets.

The Bankorus protocol is an open source API built on the NEM blockchain. The protocol’s engines are powered by AI, allowing the platform to continuously deliver data-driven insights that allow high net worth individuals to get the most out of their crypto investments.

Ultimately, these services are catered towards wealth management companies. Wealth management firms can implement Bankorus’s technologies, then allow their high net worth individuals to use the technologies.

Solutions provided by the Bankorus platform include:


bMarket allows users to sell crypto-backed funds. Users can buy and sell digital assets using a blockchain-based, smart contract platform that takes the hassle out of compliance. This marketplace will be accessible worldwide. Clients will be able to trade digital tokens, crypto funds, fixed income products, collateralized assets, and even traditional funds over bMarket.


Tokenize your assets with bTokenize, which lets high net worth individuals turn assets like real estate into liquid, digital tokens. You can separate your home into 1 million digital tokens, for example, and sell “shares” of your home on an open market.


Borrow crypto against any asset with bLoan, which lets users post art, zero-coupon bonds, and other assets as collateral, then borrow cryptocurrency based on the value of that asset.


bID aims to offer world-class security at minimal costs. Users can access wealth management without the traditional costs of compliance or the privacy risks.


Gain full visibility into your assets by accurately tracking current and historical asset performance. Bankorus’s bReport is a dashboard providing a complete overview of your portfolio’s performance.


bRisk aims to create “the new global standard for risk” by confidently assessing asset risk with decentralized risk indicators for increased transparency.

Financial Planning Engine:

Wealth management companies can crate financial plans and portfolios individualized to their high net worth individual clients.

Portfolio Engine:

The Bankorus portfolio engine provides the main portfolio analytics and feeds into bReport, the dashboard tracking system we mentioned above.

Risk Engine:

The Bankorus risk engine lets users continuously monitor risk and stress-test each portfolio.

Who’s Behind Bankorus?

Bankorus is a subsidiary of MiCai, which is known for offering the first robo advisor in China. MiCai offers tools and software to wealth management firms to help them manage high net worth individuals.

Today, Bankorus aims to offer reliable, trusted financial technology services. Since 2013, the company has managed more than 200,000 of the world’s high net worth individuals. They also have $30 billion USD in assets under management via China’s top 10 wealth management firms.

Bankorus’s clients include Noah Private Wealth Management (NYSE:NOAH), Quark Finance, Pangmaobao, and Allenbridge.

Key members of the Bankorus team include co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Gregory Van den Bergh, co-founder and President Eagle An, co-chief investment officers Professor Geert Bekaert and Professor Ouyang Hui, and Chief Technology Officer Stephen Kade.

MiCai, the parent company of Bankorus, is a registered investment advisor with FINRA and the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States.

The Bankorus ICO (BKT Token) Sale

Bankorus is holding a token sale for its BKT tokens. BKT tokens are described as “the building block of the Bankorus ecosystem.” They provide participants with platform access and usage rights.

Token holders can also earn money. Every quarter, Bankorus will share 20% of Bankorus’s fees with token holders. You’ll need to hold a minimum of $100 USD worth of BKT tokens during the quarter to be eligible for this revenue, and you’ll also need to conduct a minimum of three transactions each quarter.

BKT tokens can be used to pay any fees on the platform, including seller’s distribution fees, withdrawal fees, and more. You’ll get a 50% discount on fees when paying using BKT.

The token sale is scheduled for Q2 2018.

Bankorus ICO (BKT Token) Conclusion

Bankorus is a suite of tools catering to wealth management firms that manage money for high net worth individuals. All of the tools are specifically focused on cryptocurrency management. Bankorus wants to make it easier for high net worth individuals to securely participate in cryptocurrency markets.

To learn more about Bankorus and how it works, visit online today at

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