BankQix bills itself as an “online banking system” that provides services such as payment processing, loans, insurance, money transfers, and similar banking activities. BankQix supposedly accomplishes this by harnessing the power of blockchain technology, according to its website.

What Is BankQix?

BankQix is registered at a New York address and is just one division of PayQix, the overarching company in charge of developing and maintaining  financial tech services through blockchain-based technology.

On the website itself, the CEO of BankQix is listed as Jose Graca. This is verifiable through his LinkedIn account, which records him as President/CEO of PayQix from 2016 and of BankQix since 2017.

BankQix Product & Opportunity

We’re not exactly sure what the core product with BankQix is, as there’s little on the site that seems to provide concrete information besides that it provides “instant banking solutions” for businesses. The same goes for the other “Qix” services under the PayQix umbrella, which include names such as LoanQix, TradeQix, CoinQix, TransferQix, ExchangeQix, and so on.

It appears that the entire PayQix network is in prelaunch, as the only activity visitors can engage in is to pre-register for what the site calls a “free license,” implying that at least some BankQix services will be available free of charge in the future.

We’re unsure what the opportunity here is, as BankQix seems to be in very early pre-launch. In fact, most of the site seems to be in the construction phase, with missing information and broken or misdirected links. This makes it hard to tell what type of opportunity it’s going to supply.

BankQix Verdict

Honestly we don’t know what exactly is going on here with this BankQix business. It seems at least tangentially related to cryptocurrency since it proclaims it’s using blockchain-based ledger technologies for financial transactions, and there is a fleeting mention of a “Qix” digital coin that is to be in the offing somewhere, but otherwise the site is simply too fragmented and unfinished to be able to provide many clues.

Still, as the only activity at the moment is to sign up for a “free license” during this prelaunch period. BanQuix seems to be geared toward business and financial uses, based on a signup form that asks for a tax ID, an address, a business phone number, and even a date of birth.

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