Are you up to date with the best investments and news of the cryptocurrency world? It’s always hard to be well informed when there is so much new information every day, but some companies are really interesting to look out for.

When you find one of those companies, it’s really useful to know more about them, so you can know how they can change the cryptocurrency scene or if they are good investments.

To help you, our blog reviews the most interesting blockchain companies around. Today, we are going to talk about BarterDEX, a new program created by Super Net.

What is BarterDEX?

BarterDEX is a program created by Super Net with the intent of decentralizing cryptocurrency exchanges and securing them. It promises a service that is free, secure and has easy integration with other kinds of coins.

The company claims that with the use of BarterDEX companies can avoid the worst problems caused by centralized exchanges, like hacking and thefts. These problems can make companies lose millions of dollars and are very dangerous to them.

Other problems that could be avoided with the use of BarterDEX are avoiding vanishing from listings, which can make the coins lose a lot of their value and regulations, which can help the companies when they have to deal with the law.

How Does BarterDex Work?

BarterDEX is an open source program that “ties all cryptocurrencies together”. The program works with atomic swaps. It means that there are real coins that are exchanged in a P2P network with cross-chain.

Some of the benefits offered by the company are visibility, volume and liquidity and wallet integration.

This means that altcoins listed in BarterDEX will be more visible because they will be listed in their system, they have liquid provider technology to help the companies and all the coins would be integrated in the Agama Wallet App, used by the company.

How to Invest in BarterDEX?

This project is aimed at companies that already use their own altcoins. Because of this, outside investors will not have so many ways to invest in this program. However, it can be interesting to know if the companies from which you are buying tokens are subscribed to this program if you like it.

So, to be well informed about other companies, it might be interesting to keep an eye on BarterDEX before making new investments.

The BarterDEX Verdict

Should you invest in BarterDEX? Obviously, if you are an investor, not, but if you are a company, it might be a good deal. Especially in the case of smaller companies, it seems like BarterDEX can offer plenty of services that might help smaller start-ups.

In the case of having a big company, it doesn’t seem like BarterDEX will have much to offer. There are other services out there that might help your company if you don’t already have what they offer.

Finally, if you are an investor, you could see if your investments are listed in the BarterDEX list. If the company in which you are investing is a small start-up, that could be a good sign.


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