The past few years have been good for the construction sector. This sector has expanded rapidly in recent times with numerous companies globally engaged in major construction projects. However, despite this rapid growth, innovative technologies in the sector take years to implement.

The reason for this is that the sector is still quite traditional. New materials and methods are treated with distrust. Besides that, building codes in one region vary greatly from one part of the world to the other. However, that does not mean innovation never takes place in the construction sector.

When a new material or method is discovered in one region, it can help to speed up construction a great deal. However, that method or material may take years before it can ever spread to another part of the world. One of the greatest innovations in the construction sector is the BASIS composite mesh.

Understanding BASIS BSS

The BASIS composite mesh is an innovative construction material that was developed just a short while ago. However, it has already become quite popular in the Russian construction sector. This mesh allows construction to be sped up many times while at the same time cutting down costs a great deal. It is also quite helpful in increasing the strength of a building.

Those behind this project are organizing a crowdfunding initiative that will attract investment via a blockchain token. The aim of this project is to bring innovative construction methods to the rest of the world. Because of the unique properties of BASIS and the low base effect, the developers of the project expect their company to grow quite fast.

Details About BASIS

The BASIS composite mesh is a material that has no parallels in the construction sector. This material is designed to make construction easier and faster. The rods of this mesh are made of basalt or fiberglass plastic compound. These rods are interconnected via a special thermoplastic material.

The mesh will be used to reinforce concrete instead of the traditional metal reinforcement. Some of the advantages of this mesh are:

  • Nine times lighter than metal
  • Three times stronger at break
  • 25% cheaper
  • Resistant to corrosion

With this material, construction is significantly sped up. Besides that, there is no need to put bar chair spacers to form a protective layer of concrete. Additionally, it has low thermal conductivity and is dielectric.

The connections of the composite rods are made via a patented mesh technology. Additionally, the thermoplastic material that joins these rods is a bar chair, which forms a protective layer of concrete.


Because of the high demand for this product, the company plans to increase output by three times. However, this will depend on the success of the ICO. The Token was issued in December 2017 under the name Basis (BSS).

The tokens will be issued by an LLC under the name Fund for Investing in BASIS Technology. The LLC will enter into an agreement with the producer of BASIS material. The manufacturer will then have to pay at least 50% of the profits to the LLC every quarter. The LLC will then convert these profits into the Ethereum digital currency and allocate in proportional shares to the holders of the token.

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